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Job Details

Job Code10571
: Test Technician
: Familiar with the use and application of various electric, electro-mechanical and electronic measuring instruments.
: Archbald, 18403,PA
: 12 Months

Job Description

·         Makes various tests on electrical, electro-mechanical and electronic components, chassis, sub-assemblies and systems to determine compliance and performance as specified. Measurements may involve voltage, current, frequency, speed, vibration, humidity, backlash, temperature, power, power factor, phase shift, etc.

·         May be required to assemble, wire and check performance of test fixtures and test panels. Must be thoroughly familiar with the use and application of various electric, electro-mechanical and electronic measuring instruments such as galvanometers, potentiometers, L, C and R bridges, voltmeters, ammeters, digital multi meters, power meters, oscilloscopes, RD and AF and micro-wave signal generators, motors, generators, amplidynes, phase shifters, pulse and sweep generators, spectrum analyzers, tape recorders, torque testers, hi-potting and meggering equipment and recording instruments.

·         Will be required to trouble shoot and recommend corrective action when defective units show up during operational test of components, chassis, sub-assemblies, systems, motors, generators, amplidynes and wiring.

·         Must be able to determine the effect of measuring equipment on the circuit being measured and be able to correct readings accordingly. Record findings and readings on test data sheets and refers data beyond established limits to his/her supervisor and/or to the engineer concerned.

·         Must have a thorough knowledge of safety precautions to follow so as to prevent injury to himself/herself and/or others who may use the equipment.

·         Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Required Details

: 2+ Years
: No
: No

Contact Details

: Asha Bhat
: 678-203-2701
: www.suntechnologies.com