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AI for functional testing excellence: Align with the quality and agile requirements of your products

Organizations are forced to adopt AI-augmented testing for quality with velocity and to meet their ongoing testing service demands. Self-healing and automation testing leveraging AI, ML drives the market evolution to intelligent automation. QA service providers continue to differentiate themselves by building their frameworks powered with modern technologies, such as RPA, AI /ML, and intelligent automation, to compete in the market. Organizational silos of development, testing, and operations have been addressed with more integrated, collaborative, and well-orchestrated processes. Agile and DevOps methodologies amplify the need for continuous quality and scale functional testing.

What if you could make functional testing simple to build bug-free products? What if you could check the product’s functionalities 2x faster than expected? Artificial intelligence (AI) solves the complexities of testing, removes human error probability, minimizes the time to run a test, and identifies possible defects faster. 

Functional testing can be performed manually using traditional test designs. But Test automation help make your life easier, specifically if you have a complex application. Nowadays, most of the applications are browser and mobile based and being hybrid models compared to native. Automated testing for web applications is comparatively common. However, it has many well-known problems. So, what could be the solution to improve and accelerate functional test automation?

  • Simplifying the process of taking various scenarios and converting them into test scenarios/cases
  • Setting up the environment and establish a robust, cross-functional QA test automation framework that integrates and supports all types of testing
  • Choosing the right tool to test the most complex applications on any and every combination of browsers and devices
  •  Maintaining your existing tests even when you make changes every time

The emergence of agile methodology made organizations innovate and deliver at high speed. It maximizes the positive user experience and maintains a competitive edge. The digital transformation era has changed the digital testing practices to achieve quality and speed through AI, IoT, robotics, and quantum computing. Sun Technologies AI-powered approach towards functional testing delivers a seamless application to end-users.

AI-augmented Software Testing Tools

Current trends that drive fast adoption of AI-powered software testing tools include:

  • Microservices and Container-native architectures 
  • Cloud and SaaS adoption
  • Changing business demands to deliver error-free applications
  • The complexity of aligning testing and quality with business value 
  • The balance between the quality and delivery speed
  • Modern remote and hybrid work culture

Continuous testing is essential and a mandatory element in the DevOps process. Investing in AI-augmented tools will be an advantage to enable more intelligent testing and enhance testing efficacy. AI-enabled software testing tools help enhance software quality and minimize cycle times by optimizing test efforts, generating early feedback about the quality of releases, and improving consistency. Achieve continuous code quality excellence at a lower cost to deliver products with improved profitability and cost optimization through Sun Technologies’ functional testing excellence.

Automated Functional Testing with AI

Enterprises may face various challenges like finding the exact use cases, lack of in-depth knowledge, validation of app functionalities, performance, security, and much more. Sun Technologies’ broad experience with AI, ML, and analytics help companies enhance their automation strategies, frameworks, and practices. The Implementation of AI in software testing tools makes the software development lifecycle more efficient and easy. The application of AI in the testing tools helps automate and minimize mundane and tedious tasks in development and testing. The AI/Ml tools must not disrupt existing workflows but integrated with the processes and tools effortlessly. They must solve the problems of the existing tools struggle or fail in. Understanding how to scale the test automation suite and connect to CI/CD  increases the business value. Identifying the primary test scenarios to apply AI/ML makes the people, process, and technology work seamlessly.

Run more Tests, Find bugs quickly and Release faster

Presently AI is used to detect the inconsistencies and perform root cause analysis in an automated way. One of the trends today, which is expected to grow, is the use of AI to improve existing tools and frameworks that target specific software testing problems. For instance, functional testing of web and mobile applications, visual testing of UI, and auto-corrections. AI has also started to replace the whole technology stacks of automated testing.

Test automation, a necessary exposure to functional testing, will be successful and efficient with the right test automation solution. Enterprises must also focus on regular improvements of the skill-sets of their testers, set the scope of testing, and continue to adapt to the latest technologies.

Our well-organized functional testing approach leverages proven industry-standard testing techniques, technology stacks, tools, pre-built test accelerators, and frameworks. It also ensures that new features or improvements do not cause any unnecessary impact on the quality of your products. We leverage AI and remove all the limitations of functional testing through our home-grown scriptless test automation tool, IntelliSWAUT, to provide even more value to the teams and products.

Sun Technologies’ AI powered approach automates:

Web Testing

Ensuring the product is completely verified before the product launch is essential. Automating the validation of UI is another critical component of your testing strategy. Through AI-based web testing, teams can overcome traditional testing challenges such as maintainability and stability. In addition, AI technologies can help, providing self-healing at runtime to label the usual maintainability issues associated with UI test execution. With AI-based web solutions, Organizations can achieve high quality, accelerate productivity and deliver the experience that customers expect.

API Testing

Scalable API testing strategy enables companies to get the most value out of their agile transformations. Utilization of AI in the process of API test scenario creation reduces the challenges associated with API testing, minimizes adoption hurdles, and helps enterprises deliver a manageable, maintainable, and robust test strategy. Using AI-enabled API tools (Katalon studio, Soap UI, postman, etc.) helps overcome the complexity of API testing by converting manual UI tests into automated API tests, minimizing the technical skills needed to adopt API testing and build a robust API testing strategy.

Mobile App Testing

The recent trend in mobile app testing is the incorporation of AI and ML. Scriptless testing saves you from the tedious processes of creating scripts and a reasonable amount of time. AI makes mobile testing simple. It also analyzes the product, makes it secure against potential risks, assesses possible areas to improve your customer experience, and enhances your brand reputation. Testers can easily find the deep-rooted issues in your application with AI and ensure better quality products during deployment.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is the time-consuming phase of the testing process. The prioritization of the tests with AI helps retarget regression tests faster. It also accomplishes customer demands for modifications to existing features and reduces potential flaws for even newly used functionality. It assures that script portfolio are new and complete with current user activity.

Accessibility Testing

When developing a web project, accessibility can never be an option. Automated accessibility testing with AI can help organizations achieve business goals through image captioning, visual analysis, and other innovative capabilities to better comply with WCAG requirements. Leveraging AI to run the test cases on various platforms and browsers and explore from the functional flow removes the maintenance effort and makes the test process more reliable.

Sun Technologies’ primary concern is to cover our customer’s testing and quality assurance requirements and helping development teams elevate the quality in delivery. We follow agile and DevOps methodologies to engage with the customers at various phases of the test lifecycle to achieve the testing objectives. Our functional testing services provide the verification & validation of applications. Our Test engineers expand their automated test development and execution activities with IntelliSWAUT to streamline the process. Our functional testing framework provides an end-to-end automated solution with improved and updated sequences that helps clients reduce total test time and resource deployment.


Testers can use AI to detect standard flaws in code that might obstruct the flawless functioning of a software system. In addition to that, by getting the proper understanding of the customer expectations, they can build suitable test cases to achieve those particular goals. As your company shift toward a value-driven and product-centric model, it is vital to choose service providers that not only bring their QA expertise but provide a variety of skills that incorporates agile and DevOps methodologies. Sun Technologies is one such leading QA service provider around the globe with a demonstrated track record of delivering multidisciplinary teams that support customers’ priorities by enabling efficient collaboration and workflow. Our functional testing approach is built around your requirements, and we integrate with the tools you already use. IntelliSWAUT, our scriptless test automation tool, makes it simple to automate all your functional testing. You don’t need to hire more Engineers in Test to create new tests for you. Because with our scriptless test automation tool that leverages the power of AI, your functional testing completes far rapidly and transforms your product faster.

Vaidyanathan Ganesa Sankaran

Vaidyanathan Ganesa Sankaran

Vaidy is an experienced lead Solutions Architect heading sales and project delivery for Cloud (AWS, Azure), DevOps and legacy Modernization projects with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is a strong engineering professional with a Master of Science (MS) focused in Computer Software Engineering from BITS Pilani. He has the capability to manage bigger teams and generate revenue through new Sales and Account Mining.

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