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The Most Popular & Trending Web Development Technologies : 2022

Web applications have become one of the mighty pillars of the digital businesses. Organizations has to consider many factors to make an application successful on digital platforms. Successful organizations create applications with excellent experiences. Today, most business leaders focus more on multi-experience development platforms to provide seamless user experiences across various digital touchpoints. It offers a unique way to build better user experiences across web, mobile, digital devices, IoT, and AR applications. 

Leading web development companies often release applications that can become popular among users. However, do all the web applications achieve the same amount of expected success? It is a common fact that today’s enterprises can reach their goals efficiently, and get much faster ROIs with the web advancements in the digital space. To attract the web users and keep them engaged,  organizations integrate their web development technologies with new trends continuously with a user-friendly interface that matches the current bar of digitization. This blog analyzes the recent web trends and how to choose technology for web development.


UX has taken the top position for best user experience in digital products. Business leaders must create and maintain an efficient DesignOps practice that allows operational alignment, collaboration, and innovation at the product level for better quality and delivery of digital products.


Interactive Web Applications

Every website today aims to make every interaction with the best quality standards. The interactive components in your web applications need to provide the desired results positively and quickly to earn a new customer since most user interactions are now digital. 90% of users today expect a web application to have interactive self-explanatory or service elements. Interactive web applications help answer questions and guide consumers in taking decisions. 

When you build an interactive website, you are connecting with your audience proactively. It enables two-way communication on a platform where you cannot directly communicate with a user. It builds a more customized user experience that can result in happy users. Nevertheless, what makes a website more interactive? Why do you need interactive web applications? Additionally, do you know how interactive websites can benefit your customers and your business? Get some insight about how to revolutionize your business landscape with interactive web applications here !


Most companies realize the importance of accessibility in web applications and prioritize accessibility in their software application development. The decision to create more accessible web applications benefits people with disabilities and enhances the way all users connect with your business and products. The accessibility challenges for the technical teams include the knowledge of content guidelines, legal requirements, and WCAG compliance. The teams need to focus more on the accessibility guidelines to deliver a satisfying user experience. You need not be an expert on the policies or even the W3C standards, but it does help to analyze the potential impact you can make with slight adjustments to what you are already doing in Development, Design, and QA.

We leverage our experience and expertise in accessibility to help you lead your industry. We provide innovative accessibility solutions with the latest technology stacks supported by assistive technologies and used by people with disabilities. 

Progressive Web Applications

Most industry leaders use Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to solve web usability challenges and get the effect of a native web application in a browser. With that, you can make your web pages work offline.  It improves the web experience and compatibility with standard web browsers. Apart from the native app features, they deliver the best user experiences and excellent visual content. They use the latest web technologies to provide app-like experiences within browsers, so your users can access them without installing a mobile app. Sun Technologies have developed many successful PWA implementations. We help boost sales on websites, make e-commerce websites run faster, provide better UX, and your conversions grow. Read how to make your web applications work offline?


AI plays a vital role in remolding web development. Users expect rich messages at every phase in the customer journey, right from the content they read to the services they get. Machine learning programs enabled with Artificial Intelligence help you build a modern website and help you gain traction with your users.

One crucial reason for using artificial intelligence in web development is to enhance customer experience and turn leads into closures. AI is transforming web development by delivering chatbots, improving customer interaction and satisfaction, and reducing dependency on resources. Read more about AI and the keys for its success.

Block Chain Technology  in Web Development

Blockchain web development is the most promising business app technology these days. Most enterprises operating in various industry verticals are looking out for new and innovative ways to use Blockchain technology for secure and accurate digital transactions. Blockchain web developers utilize open-source systems for their web development projects. Open source makes web development much more accessible and effective, especially for those who only have less experience.

Serverless Applications and Architecture

Serverless web application development is an evolving trend that is getting massive popularity. Serverless computing can simplify and streamlines the process of deploying code into production. Teams can use serverless code with the code deployed in conventional styles, such as microservices. Most companies focus on storage capacity and infrastructure set up to increase productivity and streamline agile work culture. The demand to assign the right resources, improve application performances cost-effectively, and manage software development tasks has forced enterprises to adopt modern architectures such as serverless or a hybrid environment. Read more about Serveless containers.

Scriptless Test Automation with AI

With the arrival of automated visual UI testing, businesses started exploring the best way to integrate automated visual testing in the DevOps workflow to accelerate the process. A tester can start automating test cases right after the UI development is done. It makes the process simplified to match the pace of the development cycle with continuous integration. Scriptless test automation has become inevitable among testers and developers. It quickens up the test creation and increases testing reliability. QA teams prefer codeless testing as a solution because it frees developers and testers from the time-consuming coding. A tester can start automating test cases right after the UI development is done. It makes the process simplified to match the pace of the development cycle with continuous integration. Scriptless test automation has become inevitable among testers and developers. It quickens up the test creation and increases testing reliability. QA teams prefer codeless testing as a solution because it frees developers and testers from the time-consuming coding needed in manual testing. In addition, it gives them time to focus on product development and innovation to help fasten up testing in the SDLC. Read more about Scriptless test automation solution with AI.

Internet of Things

The IoT field has boomed a lot in recent years. IoT is advancing in the field of web development and pushing it to the next level. With advancements in IoT, all the sensors are now connected through the internet, and all of these need a front-end and back-end web application. Modern front-end and back-end technologies such as React, Angular, and Node.js have become well matured and understood.  The innovative growth and the constant rise of IoT devices on the global market highlights the potential of IoT in web development. Personal assistants can provide accurate, trustable, and valuable information to their users with the right IoT implementation.


Web development trends can help develop analytical tools. Frameworks such as Angular.Js, Node.Js, and others will continue until better technologies emerge. Advancements in AR/VR, IoT, PWA, AI/Ml, accelerated mobile pages, blockchain technology will continue.

Sun Technologies delivers best-in-class professional web applications by implementing modern technologies and agile methodology. We optimize and improve application landscapes for better business alignment through our end-to-end application development services. Our expert team delivers enough with the latest Web Development, best UI Designs, UX expertise, automation testing with AI technologies, excellent DevOps practices, and Full Stack developers to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Our digital experiences across applications revolve around

  • Transformation
  • Tangible return, revenue, and cost optimization
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • No silos

Get in touch with us today to take your business to the next level!

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