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Reimagining Digital Quality Assurance with IntelliSWAUT for the BFSI sector

Stay relevant to trends and cope with the dynamic requirements

Digital business transformation needs innovation of what comprises high quality and how to move fast without crashing things. Yet, most business leaders are focused on getting narrowly focused quality data, ignoring opportunities for broader data analysis aligned with quality assurance. Shifting your enterprise from the legacy or project-centric model of quality to a comprehensive and continuous quality approach mindset accelerates product delivery.

Due to the recent pandemic, BFSI is going paperless, and all touchpoints will be digitized. Over a while, we have seen most of the products, services, and experiences have digitized with software. As a result, organizations spend a vast amount of time in innovation, development, and automation of manual operations. In contrast, the core capabilities are disrupted by their business models. In today’s competitive world, organizations find it challenging to fulfill the demands of their operations to keep their business running with uninterrupted enhancement and expansion of their digital capabilities. To overcome this challenge, enterprises move towards no-code test automation tools to focus more on their core business models.

Get started with No-Code Digital Quality Assurance

The BFSI sector is under constant pressure to accelerate the delivery of new products and services to meet customer demands. Therefore, the BSFI sector needs continuous enhancement of its applications by adding customer-centric features and services. No-Code test automation platforms simplify quality assurance, and save significant time and cost through flexible features and services.

Below are some critical factors for the BSFI sector to consider in successfully implementing No-code test automation tools.

  • Choosing the right No-code test automation platform
  • Setting up a business and technical requirements to meet the needs of digital transformation goals
  • Polish-up with digital transformation roadmap

Digital business quality assurance that brings real transformation in the BFSI sector

Digital business quality assurance focuses on verifying digital business processes comprised of cloud applications and digital technologies such as RPA, Big data, and IoT. The BFSI sector is going through the next wave of disruption. The current wave is all about customer needs and innovative ways of serving customers with emerging digital technologies and rapid increases of applications.

For the next phase of digital transformation, No-code should be a critical part of the process and an enabler to meet ongoing challenges. It also provides an opportunity to empower non-techies to pull significant changes.

No-code applications are now at top priority, with many vendors labeling their offerings as No-code to attract BFSI who need a quick fix. But, before hopping at the solution, organizations must set long-term strategies, and continuous mindset to make the no-code successful.

Security testing to understand the level of technical risk in BFSI

CTOs, audit heads, CISOs of companies strategize roadmaps to achieve different goals, including third-party assessment, regulatory compliance, and risk detection. The BFSI, e-commerce, and government sectors are the most common consumers of security testing services worldwide in having their technical risk evaluated as a part of their security routine. The recent log4j vulnerability is an extreme example that shook the entire world. In addition, industries subject to cybersecurity threats and experiencing a fast change in their infrastructure need to have regular security assessments. . With the increasing threats and the consequential costs, it is good to perform security testing with a trusted service provider.

Scriptless tools with AI capabilities to accelerate release cycles and better UI

The key challenge in quality assurance is the time required to release the test cycle. Depending on the requirements of the quality assurance expertise in multiple platforms and technologies, a sudden switch towards No-Code can be a huge change for the functional tester.

Also, the traditional approach takes a long time due to the time involved in continuous monitoring and optimization of scripts. These leads to decreased ROI, human errors, resetting the deadline, and others. As a part of development, it is intelligent to introduce AI-based scriptless or No-Code test automation tools that makes the job less complex.  As the name says no-code, there is no single piece of coding required to perform quality assurance. It allows less/non-technical expertise to participate in the quality assurance process. Scriptless test automation tools with an AI capabilities approach require less time to ensure a higher test release cycle and stay ahead for future updates.

How Sun Technologies’ IntelliSWAUT can benefit BFSI industry in achieving massive success in digital quality assurance?

Sun Technologies’ experts collaborate with their peers and customers to establish a quality culture. We identify the needed roles, technologies, and practices that enhance customer experience, quality of service (QoS), availability, performance, security, and privacy. Our automation testing methodologies with integrated testing use cases in agile, DevOps and DevSecOps models are used mainly for customer-facing and internal application testing solutions. With our scriptless tool IntelliSWAUT, which leverages AI/ML algorithms to optimize testing scenarios, we help customers validate digital business processes. IntelliSWAUT provides organizations with a complete automation suite of automation testing to ensure high quality in their software products and services. Whether a user is creating an app or testing for quality assurance with a team automating from a manual process, IntelliSWAUT makes it easier than ever to get specific tasks done flexibly.

  • Enhanced test cases with better agility: It allows users to create or test apps across multiple devices.
  • Multiple jobs can subside cost: Build more apps in less time, decreases cost. Low-code development reduces the need for more resources and, the right low-code platform can make everyone in the organization, not just IT. Hence reducing hiring costs and being more productive.
  • Better Innovation: A right No-code platform does not need a techie and allows non-IT users to perform test automation. So there are no longer barriers to innovation.
  • Stay up to date with current market requirements: Low-code development impacts more than the IT organization. The downstream effects of increased speed achieve a better customer experience. With low-code development, organizations can quickly adapt to current market changes or customer needs.
  • Faster Transformation: As transformation is needed in today’s world, IntelliSWAUT removes complexity from building great and modern apps hence smoother sailing. With these BFSI, sectors can be better equipped to adapt and respond faster to changing business conditions quickly.
  • No more extension of deadlines: Our No-Code test automation allows for fast change, so you can meet regulatory requirements and stay ahead of deadlines.


BSFI applications are critical as they are directly linked to customers and involve millions of transactions. Hence, performing quality assurance of these digital products is vital. Various software testing methods such as load/performance, security, usability, and functional testing should be taken up to ensure bug-free, fully functional, and high-performing applications. 

Partnering with Sun Technologies will help you leverage the complete advantage of quality assurance in BFSI applications through our no-code test automation tool. We are specialized in test automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery of applications, infrastructure, and services for agile development teams. We are a digital transformation company providing no-code automation solutions for testing and quality assurance. With our hyper-automation capabilities and home-grown No-Code Test Automation tool, we help organization speed up their digital transformation with 2x improved quality.

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