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The Essential Magento 2 extensions to promote your e-commerce sales

Magento is one of the top e-Commerce platforms for making your ideal e-commerce store. It is an open-source platform that exclusively possesses about 26% of online business advertisements worldwide. Although WordPress is the most used Content Management system, the best platform for an e-commerce store is the Magento e-Commerce platform. Popular brands such as Nike, Lenovo, and Nestle use Magento to drive their stores. Through Magento’s external extensions, common problems such as data security, product return, refunds, customer retention, etc. can be resolved.

Choosing the right Magento 2 extensions defines the success rate of e-Commerce sales. The installations of the best Magento extensions play a vital role in how sensibly they are used. The Magento 2 extensions help expand your online store’s usefulness and improve them for exceptional yields later. The expansion of 3rd party extensions, which gives boundless potential outcomes for your store’s customization, is one of Magento’s most appreciated functionalities. There are vast extensions through which your e-Commerce store’s customization can be embraced for better UI, promoting your sales, or some other wanted prerequisite. In this way, here we have listed some of the essential Magento 2 extensions.

The Top and Best Magento 2 Extensions to go for

The Top Magento 2 Extensions accompanies the main part of stunning highlights that permit the dealers to accomplish more on their online stores through the wealth of the classifications including Sales and Motivations, Content Management, User Experience, Checkout, and so on. This list of must-have Magento 2 extensions will assist you with distinguishing the beginning stages for your web store functionality improvement in terms of e-commerce sales.

  • SEO Extensions for Magento 2
  • Payment Gateway Extensions for Magento 2
  • Marketing Extensions for Magento 2

SEO Extensions for Magento 2

The payment or checkout extensions for Magento 2 helps to improve the complicated checkout process for your consumers. Your customers need a simple checkout and secure payment methods. Below are the three Magento 2 extensions which give a secured, effective and rapid checkout.

SEO Toolkit by Amasty for Magento 2

The SEO toolkit for Magento 2 helps in improving your store ranking. The one-click SEO analysis feature supports you in page optimization and performance features. The manual work gets reduced by the SEO toolkit for Magento 2 and thus, boosts revenue.



  • Use an advanced form of pagination + redirects
  • Describe rich snippets in search results
  • Generate meta tag templates automatically
  • Avoid redundant content with unique product URLs


SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx for Magento 2

To expand the web page visibility of Magento- based sites in the search and lessen SEO burden, the SEO Suite Ultimate extension was formulated. Merchants can create massive amounts of optimized metadata with SEO templates for their product category pages. The SEO Suite Ultimate extension carries functionalities such as creating HTML and XML Sitemaps effectively, executing hreflang tags, assembling the well-arranged internal connecting structure, and execute progressively fundamental SEO exercises.


  • Optimizes any site URLs and metadata quickly
  • Improves store crawling and indexation of important pages.
  • Builds a well-organized website architecture and also links external sources.
  • Increases the visibility of the store with advanced Rich Snippets.
  • Gets a complete collection of SEO tools.
  • Uses reports to track and solve critical SEO issues for CMS pages

Snippets Generator by Apptrian for Magento 2

Apptrian Snippets Generator extension has several options for customization. This extension has good SEO value. Based on the information in your Magento database, the snippets are generated spontaneously.  The Apptrian Snippets Generator is multistore compatible and it is neither overridden nor overwrites.


  • Add Open Graph for Facebook
  • Multi select option for Google + and google rich snippets
  • Generate Pinterest rich pins, tags automatically.
  • A simple way to enable or disable Twitter cards

Payment Gateway Extensions for Magento 2

By offering users different choices of Magento 2 payment gateways, merchants can improve the purchasing experience and increment transformations. Magento 2 payment or checkout extensions help rearrange the unpredictable checkout process. Your clients need a simple checkout and safe payment strategies. Listed below are the secured, productive and quick checkout Magento 2 extensions.

One Step Checkout by Amasty for Magento 2

The One Step Checkout extension speeds up the shopping process and increases customer satisfaction. Along with this extension, one can include all Magento checkout steps in one single page. To speed up address typing, enable fill-in with Google Auto Suggest and GEO IP tool.


  • Customizable mobile-optimized themes
  • Allows customers to edit product options on the checkout
  • Shows delivery date and time options, enable Order and Delivery comments
  • popular payment systems
  • Complete compatibility with Porto theme

Sage Pay Integration by Magenest for Magento 2

Sage Pay is one of the top and best payment service providers in Europe and one of the most trusted payment brands on the planet. Sage pay provides a wide range of security and optimized functions for the payment process. The available Sage Pay payment integrations include Server, Form, Direct and PayPal, which also supports direct refund and Gift Aids.


  • Allow customers to checkout with the help of credit card payment
  • Enable or disable the payment gateway
  • Manage subscription plans for customers
  • Specify allowed credit card types and the respective countries
  • Secure payment info with the iFrame payment method

Check out Suite by IWD for Magento 2

Once you install the Checkout Suite by IWD for Magento 2 module, the checkout process becomes easy for the customer. This extension joins the best installment processors to enhance user experience while permitting your clients to use an in-store pickup choice just as exploit store credits.


  • Single Page Checkout.
  • Responsive design strategy.
  • Excessive conversion rate
  • QuickPay buttons for fast pay.
  • Outstanding Guest Checkout functionality

Marketing Extensions for Magento 2

Need to get more cash-flow from your Magento store? Obviously, you do. Fortunately, with Magento 2 stages, there is a lot of sales creating extensions that assist you with doing that. Regardless of whether you need to support online deals, increment change rates, manufacture trust, and believability or get top to bottom showcasing investigation, there is unquestionably a tool for that. That is the reason we’ve proceeded and handpicked a list of 3 best Magento 2 expansions with extensive surveys to spare you from that work.

Affiliate for Magento 2

One of the best marketing solutions for online stores is the Magento 2 Affiliate extension. It supports sales, increases website visits, and helps to grow SEO rankings.  The Affiliate Marketing sets up a helpful connection between storekeepers and customers.


  • Multi-affiliate programs
  • Multi-commission tiers
  • Different commission payment methods
  • Referral Programs
  • Detailed Affiliate Reports
  • Supports API
  • Supports URL Styles
  • Supports Groups

Reward Points for Magento 2

The Reward Points for Magento 2 extension encourages customers to make more purchases from the store by the loyalty program. The extension provides rewards for customer actions such as purchases, registration, and other profitable actions. The extension has the capability of turning website visitors into customers.


  • Customize Protocols
  • Earn points through shopping activities
  • increases traffic
  • Allows loyalty program

Newsletter Popup for Magento 2

The Newsletter Popup for Magento 2 extension helps to increase your sales by enlarging email subscriptions and attracting new customers through special deals and promotions. the tracking of conversions and revenue is made easier with the Magento 2 extension.


  • Addition of newsletter popup on each page
  • Adjustable newsletter content
  • Newsletter subscription popup and the corresponding report
  • Different shown timing
  • Congrats popup
  • Pre-defined Newsletter template
  • Ajax Subscriber

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