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Case Study

Automating the migration process from Oracle to Snowflake


Our home-grown scriptless test automation tool


Whom we worked with

Our customer is a large wholesale mortgage bank in the USA. They provide a flexible credit liquidity source for member community lenders engaged in home mortgage and neighborhood lending. The Bank increases the availability of mortgages and home finance to families of all income levels by offering high-value correspondent and cash management services to assist our members in more effectively serving their neighborhoods and meeting their Community Reinvestment Act responsibilities.

Our Solution

  • We defined the data transfer sizing and understood datasets and table structure with our pre-assessment migration plan
  • We built an automation framework for automating the entire migration process
  • We reduced the manual effort of migration with our customized script
  • We deployed dedicated resources to sustain communities of practice
  • We leveraged test automation with our in-house scriptless testing tool IntelliSWAUT, to minimize test execution time by 60%
  • We achieved 0% business downtime while testing applications in real-time
  • We performed end-to-end automation for the data migration


  • Matching Oracle data types to Snowflake data types
  • Migrating a huge volume (~800TB) of data from Oracle to Snowflake and validating for a successful migration
  • Loading the batch data across the source to target data warehouse
  • Accelerating the migration process with an affordable cost
  • Achieving 100% reliability


  • Up to 50% license cost saving
  • Up to 90% automation for faster migration
  • Up to 50% reduced test execution time
  • Up to 80% mundane task reduction
  • Up to 50% reduced data migration time, leading to reduced FTE costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Enhanced data security
  • 100% test coverage for data migration and data validations
  • 100% customer satisfaction

How we helped

  • With an objective of transferring the customer’s large volume of data from Oracle to Snowflake we helped them reduce their licensing burden and leverage cloud technologies
  • With an initial assessment for the migration plan, we defined the data transfer sizing and understood datasets and table structure. This enabled us to find the critical data sets, tables, and data pipelines that must be prioritized
  • We identified data ambiguities and quality issues in the early phases
  • To ensure the successful completion of data migration, we built an automation framework for automating the entire migration process and leveraged our homegrown scriptless test automation tool, IntelliSWAUT
  • We set task owners for each step of data transfer to boost the success rate of the outcome
  • We created resilience via the principles of composable business that enabled quicker response time and more consistency in execution
  • We successfully leveraged end-to-end automation in the data migration process and ensured 100% data accuracy

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