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Case Study

Enterprise application portal upgrade (JBoss EAP7 to EAP8)

Towards accelerated time-to-market with enterprise scalability

Whom we worked with

A leading US-based financial company from New York City was dealing with its aging enterprise application portal. The customer wanted to upgrade their desktop software products to the latest version, which legacy technologists had designed. In addition, they faced compatibility and supportability issues, and the portal itself was not scalable. Therefore, the enterprise turned to Sun Technologies to successfully upgrade its enterprise platform.

Our Solution

  • We helped the organization upgrade its enterprise portal from v7 to v8 with an automation approach to support modern technologies and tools
  • Our experts embraced the agile methodology and leveraged automation methodologies to manage a smooth upgrade and reduce risks
  • The total number of tickets raised was resolved simultaneously during the upgrade while ensuring continuous improvements using DevOps


  • The legacy portal was not very user-friendly, without any user dashboards
  • Changing business logic was complex and needed significant effort
  • Hefty analysis was required since “What happens next” was the challenge during the upgrade
  • To address API management and upgrade the portal for future implementation


  • The transformed scalable platform experienced improved performance
  • Eliminated backlogs through automation
  • Maximized business agility 
  • Approximately 30% Reduced time to market
  • Successfully achieved a “zero downtime” portal that extends to incorporate future DevOps/MLOps
  • Our value-driven approach automated 30% of work and ensured a substantial reduction in the human effort with enormous annual savings

How we helped

  • We helped the organization on its business transformation journey involving platform upgrades while managing dynamic business requirements
  • Our scalable knowledge management enabled the reduced total cost of operations and optimized the processes to eliminate inefficiencies
  • Our versatile team of experts responded to dynamic business needs efficiently
  • We leveraged agile methodology to analyze and document the existing processes iteratively

If you’re looking for a way to transform or update your legacy systems, be sure to look at Sun Technologies’ application modernization offering. Contact us today to know more!

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