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Case Study

Re-platforming of Application from PowerBuilder to Phoenix Architecture stack


Our home-grown scriptless test automation tool


Whom we worked with

A large, Privately- owned wholesale bank was looking for a consultant partner to help modernize its legacy applications to achieve cost savings and better meet customer needs. The client was dealing with legacy systems, rising costs, and time-consuming manual processes. They wanted to modernize several software modules and sought the help of Sun Technologies to modernize and accelerate the transformation process. We worked alongside them on their business transformation journey, which included platform upgrades, re-platforming, and re-hosting while managing changing business requirements.

Our Solution

  • We helped re-platform and modernize their legacy applications to the modern architecture stack
  • We shifted the applications from on-premise to AWS
  • We re-platformed the existing application platform from the ground up to make the experience more relevant for the customer
  • We followed agile methodology and incorporated the ability to understand, analyze, collaborate and respond to customer requirements as part of strategy and technology decisions while using modern technology and processes to scale and manage design and engineering
  • We transformed the organization’s IT landscape and minimized Operational costs by up to 50% with our modernization solution
  • Our strategic approach shifted from strategy to execution and integration by keeping up the perspective of greater customer satisfaction


  • Improved UI/UX but standard look and feel for their application
  • Mundane tasks
  • Compiled the code and debug the root cause 
  • Developed the value of design and technology through a design-led and data-driven approach
  • Transformed the company’s strategy with modern technological stack to meet their emerging needs


  • Reimagined a platform that makes a difference
  • 50% Increased user experience
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • 38% increased operational efficiency
  • Our solution enabled the customer to overcome third-party integration challenges for maintaining the applications
  • 50% reduced maintenance costs 
  • Improved compatibility 
  • The modernized web environment enabled dev teams to enhance applications without any challenges.
  • The modernized platform paved the way for digitalization through its rich interfaces of UI screens, thereby improving the customer experiences

How we helped

  • We built a digital-led strategy to visualize the journey from the current state to the expected future state
  • We developed accelerators for modernization of the platform(PowerBuilder to Phoenix)
  • Legacy codes were re-engineered to modernized scripts
  • We leveraged our homegrown script less test automation tool, IntelliSWAUT, for quality assurance that validates all the components, ensuring a successful modernization journey
  • We built and delivered foundational artifacts, including a modern look and feel, to improve the user experience
  • We worked in a collaborative environment and successfully achieved the desired business outcomes 
  • We are continuing to support the customer alongside as a trusted partner, modeling and delivering in line with the roadmap for digital banking

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