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Case Study

RPA solution for a leading insurance Company in the Caribbean

Whom we worked with

Sun Technologies implemented an efficient RPA solution across various insurance processes for a leading insurance company in the Caribbean. Keeping the customer experience and speed as an essential factors in insurance commodities processing (policies and claim processing), the client was looking for a partner to automate their processes. Sun Technologies took forward the project and freed them from the effort-intensive manual workload, and helped them increase their overall productivity of the operations team.

Our Solution

  • We helped the client automate the process of end-to-end validation activities
  • We created an automated process to meet all the business requirements and replaced every manual efforts required to process an insurance
  • We developed scripts and reusable workflows, which would help run bots independently for respective processes
  • We helped embed business rules in the RPA bots for each the operations
  • We trained the bots to validate each business rule across multiple scenarios, and the results were captured as a report
  • We validated all scenarios with our trained bot and reduced the average execution time to a minimum of 2 minutes per processing
  • We enabled the bot to capture the screenshots of the error logs individually and saved them on the local machine


  • In-depth understanding of the company’s insurance products and processes at the core level 
  • Validating and verifying every process at each step
  • Minimizing the risk of redundancy and achieving ROI in a shorter span
  • Inserting customer data for the respective country with a significant impact of each action (add, update, delete) on the customer’s desktop application 
  • Challenging sample input data collection due to the limited documented information 


  • Enhanced customer experience 
  • Quick incident resolution
  • 50% reduced number of claims decision time per employee with our RPA solution
  • 100% Accuracy
  • 50% reduced correction calls for the customer support
  • 90% improved processing time
  • 60% reduced manual work

How we helped

  • We thoroughly examined the client’s process at each stage (from entering customer information to processing payments)
  • We discovered all the redundant manual tasks and identified potential opportunities for RPA implementation to minimize the repetitive and human efforts when dealing with data
  • We developed an independent workflow that replicates all the actions done manually for each of their insurance types
  • We automated all the manual tasks with our RPA solutions
  • We created a customized solution that handles all tasks right from adding customers, choosing a policy plan, modifying an existing policy, paying and processing premium account
  • We implemented automated report validation and comparisons
  • We helped the client achieve 80% increased productivity gain
  • We successfully implemented the robust solution and ensured all the exception-handling mechanisms with proper comments to tackle any unexpected errors and are reported in the execution result

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