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Case Study

Test Automation for a leading Financial Institute using Java with Selenium

Whom we worked with

A Leading Financial Institution in New York State. It is a Federally-chartered wholesale bank providing a reliable source of liquidity to financial institutions

Our Solution

  • Cucumber Selenium BDD framework to accommodate vast test cases of 30 + web applications
  • Used the Spring to easily accommodate database validation after each CRUD operation
  • Created Master traceability which contains Manual , Automation, and performance test case
  • Created an automation dashboard to execute selenium scripts from UI. Also, the automation dashboard provides detailed information about each application within the BANK
  • Configured Jenkins to trigger the smoke test cases after every new deployment and notify the users via email after the completion of execution.
  • Implemented automated test data generator


  • Regression testing for more than 30+ SQE Bank applications
  • Database validation for CRUD, Search and Audit details and transaction
  • To run the smoke and regression test cases after every enhancement of the applications or defect fixes


  • Reduced manual Effort
  • Reduced Testing Cycle Time
  • Improved productivity of the application
  • Automation dashboard made easy to execute selenium scripts for clients

How we helped

  • We developed a cucumber selenium hybrid framework using spring, Gradle, and TestNG which was easy to develop, maintain and execute the scripts which in turn reduced about 80% of execution time
  • We created a well-defined user interface to control the execution using JSP which hosted in the tomcat server. This was accessible across the Bank
  • We created Jenkins Job to trigger selenium scripts and notify users with a build verification report.
  •  We developed the library to compare all XML files and create a comparison report which reduced 95% of execution time on the XML file comparison suite
  • We enhanced the framework to validate API using rest assured

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