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Case Study

Test Automation services to a leading Pharmaceutical Company using Sun Technologies' SWAUT framework

Whom we worked with

The customer is a nationwide member-owned cooperative comprised of over 2,000 independent pharmacies.The leading pharmacy is a nationwide member-owned cooperative comprised of over 2,000 independent pharmacies. All independent pharmacies have bonded together and formed this Pharmacy.

Our Solution

  • We conducted a workshop to understand the client’s goals and performed an orientation for cultural alignment
  • Sun Technologies’ and our customer worked hand-in-hand to facilitate continuous integration and continuous deployment in the client’s organization by implementing an enterprise-level framework that was integrated with AWS for parallel and distributed test execution
  • The Automation team at Sun Technologies helped customize & integrate SWAUT and SUN TRACKER to meet the defined processes and achieve end-to-end traceability. They also provided seamless integration between Sun tracker and SWAUT to analyze smoke test results of each build
  • Sun Technologies’ and our customer teams worked together to build regression suites for each product line and implemented an automation-ready regression suite as a backlog for test automation
  • Integration of test automation with Jenkins to maintain and schedule test automation
  • Flexible approach to tackle frequently changing requirements


  • The client did not have any formal measures in place for testing the quality of a product.
  • No dedicated QA team in place
  • As the company was associated with multiple member pharmacies, it had more than 3000 reports to be validated
  • The absence of a formal reporting mechanism, SLAs, and a strategic planning & review mechanism posed even greater challenges in streamlining the testing practices with the organization
  • Additionally, the client lacked in terms of requirements traceability and archived history of test execution results. They were dependent on a checklist-based test execution due to the minimal regression coverage


  • Quick and progressive testing
  • Rapid feedback
  • Due to frequent changes in the UI application, data maintenance became a difficult task.
  • As there were more than 3000 rebate reports with huge data, manual verification and validation were time-consuming

How we helped

  • With a clear understanding of their needs and their application, we proposed a hybrid automation framework SWAUT owned by Sun technologies to carry out Test Automation
  • We have implemented a thorough QA process
  • By automating the 3000 plus reports comparison, we reduced 80% of the efforts in the UAT phase and efforts for business, saving a total of 500+ hours against the previous 100+ hours
  • The Reports in the application were automated to save reports for multiple pharmacies/year in an excel sheet for further validation which in turn saved huge manual effort with good accuracy
  • Test results were reported in HTML files which could, in turn, be emailed to automatically after test execution
  • We conducted Requirement Ambiguity Testing to uncover the gaps in the requirements. With automation and regression suites, defect detection efficiency was improved by 90% and the overall regression cycle time was reduced by 50%
  • Continuous testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery using Jenkins Integration
  • The approach used by Sun technologies ensured 100% tracking of the daily progress through KT dashboards, and provided the following key benefits to the Client:
  • 80% reduction in test execution efforts
  • 40% improvement in automation coverage
  • 42% reduction in the automation script development effort
  • 18% reduction in rework through improved process standardization
  • 15% improvement in application quality
  • 22% reduction in the overall testing effort
  • 35% improvement in test design productivity
  • 90% accuracy in test documentation
  • Reduced the manual regression effort by running the automation scripts in multiple languages, and also reduced 3 days of manual effort

The above benefits helped us provide 100% customer satisfaction

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