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IntelliSWAUT: Leverage Test Automation with the AI-powered Scriptless Tool

A key driver of success for test automation

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Digital-driven software development requires applications/products to be delivered quickly and persistently without compromising on quality. The wide variety of technologies such as SaaS, IoT, RPA, Virtual Reality, etc., greatly impact the Digital Transformation of companies. However, AI and ML propel the transformation process and help automate the testing as well.

Test automation has unique advantages, and it needs careful planning supported by the right skill set to get the expected ROI. The adoption of scriptless test automation is essential for enterprises to succeed in the digital age.  It delivers better and more efficient automation, relieving teams from the burden of repetitive testing. In addition, most of the software testing methods are now empowered by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms. This article shows some spotlights about the use cases of the AI-enabled scriptless tool IntelliSWAUT and the future trends for AI and ML in testing.

Recent Trends for AI in Test Automation

Voice & Language Driven AI

AI in Cloud Adoption

AI in Cybersecurity


AI in Healthcare

AI/ML Offerings for Productive & Successful Business-Level Applications

AI/ML-powered methodologies can benefit organizations through –

Predictive Analytics

Processing classical data for more accurate future predictions

Root Cause Analysis

Digital assistants to help the team identify even before they occur

Process Centralization

Seamless communication between internal teams


Optimization of production parameters leads to reduced efforts & higher quality output

What makes IntelliSWAUT stand out among Scriptless test automation tools?

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