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The No-Code revolution in the digital space

Expand, automate and unleash new revenue peaks with no-code tools

Today, the usage of codeless tools has drastically increased and gained immense popularity in the software industry across the globe. It is capable of addressing many challenges within the process of automation. Right at its core, the no-code revolution relies upon AI technology, which enables and facilitates innovation. In addition, the no-code platforms unlock a completely new level of efficiency, quality, and profitability. If a non-technical prospect can develop or test a product for his requirements, he can maximize business efficiency with automation and save valuable time to expand his business.

For every software project, test automation is relatively necessary. This is because it gives faster results in the agile industry. However, when it comes to agile methodology, it has multiple iterations with a limited period to perform test automation. As a result, teams spend more time in test automation by creating tests, maintaining, updating new changes, and executing the application. Scriptless test automation saves companies from these challenges.

The unique scriptless approach helps users to develop automated tests more quickly and understandably. Further, scriptless test automation eliminates the need to write scripts manually, minimizes testers’ workload by saving time and reducing QA costs.

Automation Maturity Index


Global organizations are using automation technologies


Firms using it more frequently


Customers satisfied with the ROI from Automation


Considers test automation software as a high priority


Says hard automation (eg, physical robots)


Believes automation is efficient and best fit

Business Challenges

Lack of early feedback

Legacy application modernization

Need of significant upfront investments

Collaboration between the teams

Selecting the right set of tools

Need of skilled resources

As an Automatic Consequences, Businesses Prefer No-code Tools

free codeless automation tools

Utilization of in-house Resources

No need to outsource tasks or hire an expert

no-code test automation tools

Quick changes

Allows making changes in the app functionalities in simple clicks for better user experience

scriptless automation tools

Instant delivery of applications

No-code platforms develop business applications within a few minutes or hours

codeless api test automation

Reduces the total cost of ownership

Reduces development time and burden on IT teams

list of codeless automation tools

Low risk & High ROI

Prevents catastrophic failure and results in higher ROIs

Go Scriptless with Sun Technologies – Why?

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