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CI/CD as fast, reliable, and flexible as you need

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

  • Our CI/CD approach, helps our customers to automate the processes with each run fully logged and visible to the entire team
  • Our Devops team uses an agile methodology that focuses on factors such as client feedback, rapid releases, and collaboration
  • Sun Technologies setup your builds in a few minutes with simple UI and a turnkey environment
  • We provide unlimited notifications, integrations, and expert developer support for all your CI/CD needs

Sun Technologies CI/CD features include

  • Maintain a single source repository
  • Automate the build
  • Make your build self-testing 
  • Test in a clone of the production environment
  • Everything is visible for everyone
  • Automate deployment 

Our Tool Expertise

Why Sun Technologies for CI/CD?

Skilled Developer Support

Fast Builds and Reliable

Builds run on Preconfigured Machines

Setup via Simple Web Interface

Flexible and Adaptable

Integrates with Everything

 1 Click Integrated Deployments

Best Methods and Workflows

Case studies

Case studies

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