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Delivering highly reliable, consistent, and efficient applications!


Using Market dominant tools, Sun Technologies extends its services to help organizations containerize application in a scalable environment. We also help you to manage, monitor, analyze, troubleshoot and scale the environment apart from building networking and security aspects of the containers

Sun Technologies Containerization Services helps you with

  • Containerization Consulting
  • Container Orchestration
  • Hiring Containerization Experts
  • Maintenance and Support

The Secret of Containerization!

The core functioning of containerization moves around the concept of OS virtualization.

By virtualizing OS, the containerization process typically creates scope for distribution of application across a single host without the need for virtual servers as shown in the diagram:


Containerization Benefits Include

End users form a “mind-map” of a website within seconds. A website can communicate positive messages and keep the user engaged throughout their orchestrated user journey or can lose the user due to poor experience management.

Our UI/UX experts help in recommending the best possible user experience.

Case studies

Case studies

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