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Sun Technologies is helping many Businesses perform under extreme peak loads

Our Expertise in Load Testing

Load Testing Services

Sun Technologies provides load testing services for applications across various technologies and domains, that include client-server applications, web-based n-tier applications, and SOA based solutions

Sun Technologies helps you discover how a system performs under various loads

Our expert engineers analyze the behavior of the system under a set of expected load variations that shows the number of users the system can handle with their response time. Our Load Testing approach determines your system’s behavior under both ordinary and expected peak load conditions. Our expert team analyzes and identifies the maximum operating capacity of an application and components that cause degradation.

Our test engineers help you discover how a system performs under various loads. We identify the barriers and ways to fix them. Load time and application performance are the two essential attributes to decide the success of your product. We perform load testing expertly at high loads, measure, validate and verify operational capabilities to ensure you can deliver a seamless customer experience.

Our Load Testing
Best Practices
  • We ensure the authenticity, responsiveness, and stable performance of your complex applications and consistent system behavior necessary for your brand’s success
  • We use performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline to analyze the load issues early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Our Load Testing Services Approach

Identify Acceptance Criteria

Our load testing service involves identifying acceptance criteria based on the client's requirements, existing performance maturity, and complexities.

Execution & Monitoring Load Test

We focus on data because we understand it drives decisions. We perform load test execution and monitor the server's health simultaneously. Monitoring server health makes the complete process hassle-free.

Result Analysis & Performance Tuning

We integrate performance testing into the CI/CD pipeline to ensure ongoing continuous load and scale tests. Performance tuning is done to handle higher loads and thereby improves the server performance.

How We Work With You

Requirement Analysis

Build Robust Test Strategy

Automated Validation

Our Key Principles of Load Testing

Identify application bottlenecks

Establish a Performance & Scalability Baseline

Provide feedback to the development teams

Validate the effect of design or code changes for a given release

Ensure that quality attributes are identified correctly in Software Engineering

Our Tool Expertise

Why Sun Technologies for Load Testing Services?

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Case studies

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