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Magento Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our experts work with you at every step of your conversion rate optimization improvement journey

  • Boost the number of visitors who convert to customers
  • Enhance your site’s user experience
  • Get strategic consulting to increase positive customer feedback
  • Stabilize your Magento eCommerce store development
  • Enhance the speed in which visitors pass through the sales funnel to conversion

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What We Offer

Improved Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

With us, increasing your CLV can be as simple. Our strategy to increase your average CLV and generate more revenue from your existing customer include improving the on-boarding process, personalization, and providing quality content, thus making customers engaged. We also offer high-end customer service and Omni channel support.

Improved Search

We help improving keyword rankings on search engines. Our services include generating more website traffic and filling the top of your sales funnel with high-quality leads.

Magento Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Social Media Management

We offer competitive social media management services. Thus we transform your social media presence with exclusive content, monitoring-engagement, daily activity, increasing brand awareness, and increased followers.

Page load

Known to be one of the best conversion rate optimization companies, we make sure your website is fast. We help to decrease your site’s page load time. Our page speed optimization strategy can help your website load at top speeds. Some of the impacts after implementing our services include decreased bounce rate, extended time-on-page, and increase in conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are well-versed in the brain research of conversion rate optimization. We also intimately familiar with Magento sites and work on them every day. To emphasize, we differ from other enterprises in the depth of our understanding of the application of psychology to Conversion Optimisation. We deliver quality solutions to our customers globally.

We develop your complex e-business application efficiently with a stabilized capacity and cost.  We provide complete Magento ecommerce environment development with decades of experience.

Yes, we do provide Magento customization services. Sun Technologies is a trustable partner for your job, whether you’re looking to build a Magento eCommerce store from the start, or want to customize your existing website. We are not only making your online store using Magento, but we also ensure that our solutions best fit your business. We analyse your business objectives, requirements, and budgets so that our Magento eCommerce solutions are customized suitably to meet the requirements.

We offer you a success-ready business along with Magento solutions. Please drop us a sentence in the form, and our expert will contact you to arrange an initial discussion. One of our Magento services experts will get in touch with you through all responses, and delivering you better services & solutions as soon as possible.

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