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We have the expertise in Building and Managing large complex Public IP Networks

Our Expertise

Network and Security support services

Sun Technologies has built/deployed and managed Data/Video/Voice Services for a large US telecom company. We make our clients’ network data and voice infrastructure as secure and hacker-resistant as possible.

Our top-notch network & security services protect your IT infrastructure

Our Network & Security strategies help protect the infrastructure from risks, threats, and unauthorized accesses. Our end‐to‐end support includes Firewalls, Switches, Servers (on-premise and cloud), and your applications. Our engineers with adequate technical skills monitor and manage your network. Our Network team has the expertise in modern monitoring tools, Remote/Network management tools, and communication systems to ensure best-in-class services, reduce your threats and secure your network infrastructure.

Our Network Management
Best Practices

  • Our network configuration templates make the configuration process in new devices expedites deployment
  • Configuration backup and secure storage
  • Change control management
  • Network monitoring and alerting
  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Firmware bug and vulnerability patching
  • Policy and compliance validation
  • Short- and long-term road mapping
  • Network flexibility

We Offer the following Services

Network Design, Monitoring & Management

Designing, Monitoring & Managing Large IP Networks

Buildout/ Deployment of Integrated Data/Video/Voice Services in Public IP networks

LAN, WAN, VLAN, SAN and SD-WAN monitoring and support

Performance and Bandwidth Management

Network Security and management

24/7 network monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and root cause analysis

Granting Access to Users

Bluecoat upgrade

Firewall upgradation, rules cleanup and patching activities

Transformation Services

Migration and Up-Gradation

Advanced Performance Tuning

High Availability Planning (load balancing and redundancy)

Designing and building overlay public networks

Security Management

Manage firewalls, routers, switches

Build and manage VPNs in networks

Granting Access to Users

Password change for Enterprise CMAs and ASA Firewalls

Monitoring & maintaining firewalls

Network Security Audits – On Demand


 Technologies and Tools We Support

Our Approach

Our experts provide customized network security solutions based on the requirements and modern cyber threat landscape to secure your business infrastructure.

Analyze business objectives

Our Network & Security experts use intelligent technologies that match your business objectives, compliance, and security measures to secure your network from data invaders.

In-built intelligence system

Our In-built intelligence system spots threats in real-time to streamline the incident response and counter-action to avoid permanent defects and data loss.

Secure Infrastructure

Our dedicated team secures all our customers' infrastructure and network from malicious threats and cyber-attacks through our complete security solutions.

How We Work With You

Identifying network security threats

Implementing the right solutions

Deployment of tools

Our Key Principles of Network Management Services

Collaboration with clients

24/7 flexible support


Emergency support

Timely delivery

Constant reporting of progress

Why Sun Technologies for Network Management and Support Services?

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Case studies

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