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Innovation & Intelligence in automation to shorten Test cycles. Welcome to SWAUT & IntelliSWAUT!

Our Expertise in Test Automation

Test Automation Services

Sun Technologies’ thought leadership in Test Automation with advanced Test Automation Framework incorporating AI/ML has been widely accepted by its customers.

Test Automation services for all your Technology stacks

Sun Technologies’ Test Automation services enhance repeatability and speed of the testing process, broaden test coverage, and maintain the highest possible quality of your product. Our test automation approach saves time with accelerated results, reduces IT cost, increases overall test coverage with the reusability of automated tests, and allows faster time to market through earlier detection of defects. Our automated testing approach is combined with best practices such as behavior-driven development (BDD), developing with testability in mind, and continuous integration and testing.
Our team of experts can automate various Testing tasks and requirements of your application/product with our in-house proven intelligent and domain-driven test automation framework.
Sun Technologies experts have the requisite technology expertise such as client-server, Web, Windows, Mobile, Web services, APIs, Database Validations hosted on the cloud and on-premise.

Our Test Automation

  • Provide comprehensive support to your business objectives by designing an automation strategy that is aligned with your enterprise goals
  • Includes detailed tool evaluations to recommend the best-fit tool that suits your requirements and budget
  • Involves creating automation Framework based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) for an efficient testing process
  • We provide a framework-based automation solution across Open Source and licensed tools
  • Our in-house developed scriptless test automation solution (IntelliSWAUT) accelerates your DevOps and continuous testing process

Our Test Automation Services Approach

Our tried and tested automation approach helps define a simple and well-balanced set of measurable goals when automating tests.

Assessing automation needs

Define Automation Strategy

Quality Check and Support

Our QA Automation life cycle includes

How We Work With You

test automation process

Our Key Principles of Test Automation

Extended Test Coverage

Increased agility and flexibility

No Human Intervention

Time saving

Concurrent Execution

Automation of Repeatable Tests

SUN Technologies TOOLS – An innovation


SUN Technologies easy to use comprehensive Framework for complete Test Automation Solution.


Sun Technologies’ IntelliSWAUT is a scriptless test automation tool that will address the coding challenges, script maintenance, and results execution and analysis while reducing your time-to-market by more than 70% of what you are spending in today’s selenium world.

Our Tool Expertise

Why Sun Technologies for Test Automation Services?

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Case studies

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