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Can Scriptless Test Automation boost growth and new innovations for the Banking sector?

Enabling new innovations by defining a banking future state with scriptless test automation for sustainable success 

The digital need of the financial sectors is growing with the constantly changing markets and technological transformations. As a result, industries are forced to build operational efficiencies by reducing costs and making way for new innovations. Therefore, the banking sector needs to adopt modern technologies to secure the systems and deliver high-quality services to customers to compete in this demanding environment.

Test Automation is crucial to accelerate the pace of delivery. Companies need a scriptless test automation strategy offering unparalleled testing precision and certainty while simultaneously keeping pace with DevOps to boost productivity. Intelligent automation solutions continuously improve test performance, functionality, and usability of applications or products. Banks have to enhance their customer experience across the web, mobile, and various platforms in the digital race.  Maintaining the website with the latest terms and conditions in digital banking to ensure a superior user experience is key. Validating the updates every time is a tedious task for testing teams, and that is where scriptless strategies arrive to reduce testers’ efforts. Sun Technologies’ IntelliSWAUT validates the application for the latest updates quickly and easily by automating the process.

The need for test automation in the banking industry

The Financial Services sector needs to develop modern products and services to meet end-user expectations aligned with modern or new innovations. It is essential for banking sectors to ensure smooth and secure transactions against sensitive data daily. A scriptless test automation tool is a must for financial institutions to verify and test their applications.

Business leaders need to work with innovative technologies to enhance application features by optimizing costs and resources parallelly. We help enterprises create scalable Bank Application Testing capabilities with our end-to-end testing services, including functional and non-functional testing such as automation, performance, and mobility testing with our scriptless tool IntelliSWAUT.

 A few benefits of scriptless test automation tools are as follows:

  • Enhances quality and minimizes business complexity
  • Rapid time to market with the automation and DevOps integrations
  • Strategize & standardize test operations 
  • High Operational efficiency
  • Greater test coverage at reduced test execution time & cost

Application leaders must consider RPA and scriptless tools for improved Test Automation with new innovations

RPA in banking

Enterprises can optimize quality, speed, and delivery time from code commit to deployment in production with scriptless test automation. When imagining Robotic Process Automation, we think of robots that can talk and walk as voice assistants and machines that can manage themselves. Unfortunately, this is not the case. RPA is often misinterpreted as software and programs that incorporate Artificial Intelligence. However, the purpose of RPA is much more straightforward: it substitutes human input for simple repetitive tasks. These tasks have no added value and can be automated to save time and cost. Numerous business departments, including HR, Operations Management, and Marketing, can reap the advantages that come from RPA to make their workflows more efficient and adaptable.

Here are some examples of real-world practical use cases:

Reading Emails

Every department performs a task each day. It also requires employees to stop what they’re doing to respond and forward messages to others. With robot software, it could read emails, and attachments and forward emails to the appropriate departments, thereby reducing the time.

Web page Experiences

RPA is an excellent tool for social media and web pages. RPA is also a great aid in reading websites or postings on social media. It is a valuable task to implement online marketing. If, for instance, you wish to schedule the publishing of a set of posts, you could select software that lets you specify the date and time of publication for the uploaded content. The process will be carried out in an automated way.

Operational management

RPA has proved to be a significant all-rounder due to the continuous monitoring of data to aid in the control of issues in remote areas. For example, when the software discovers that data is diverging from the model it was created in, it will generate an alert immediately sent to the operator.

Typical Pain points of digital banking sectors

The sudden transformation in the banking habits

Online banking has seen an impact on their user experience during the pandemic. Because of lockdown restrictions, the popularity of online banking has increased, and is now at around 88% of consumers prefer online banking over going to the bank. 

With the shift to digital banking, banks have to ensure they are up-to-date. Furthermore, as they expand their online banking and service features, it is up to the marketers to ensure that their end-users are informed about their bank’s entire range of features and services. The end-users expects new innovations in their banking applications which enhances their user experiences with reduced risks.

Solutions to security-related problems 

Today, the banking sector has thousands of networked computers and other connected devices within its portfolio. Adding cloud, social and mobile channels to the mix leads to increased risks. So, maintaining Security on such a large scale is a challenge.

Application Modernization – The shift from outdated and incompatible old-fashioned banking systems to an advanced digitally connected world isn’t that easy. This transition will require a significant upfront investment for the needed procedures, applications, integrations with other systems, Security, and maintenance. Additionally, the employees will need to be continuously trained and up-to-date to make the most of the value of your investment and get the maximum benefit from it.

If you consider it, due to the existence of central platforms to monitor compliance and Security, the latest technology is safer and more compatible with compliance standards. This means that you’re committed to the data of your customers and their privacy, increasing their confidence in your business.

Security of communication channels 

 Almost half of the bankers believe that their customers seek social media for any form of online help or communication. Security of social media channels must be the top priority. All communications must be monitored by an automated monitoring system that detects any infractions of corporate policy and reduces the risk before they reach the public. 

Application Performance  with security is a major concern

In case if the banking portal or mobile application doesn’t function according to plan, unhappy customers will not hesitate to switch to other banks. Therefore, keeping track of fluctuations in transactions and performing load and stress tests to make sure you can manage multiple transactions at any given time is mandatory.

How IntelliSWAUT helps address all the challenges?

IntelliSWAUT helps reduce testing time and improves the productivity of testers by removing the hassle of creating test scripts manually. With our AI-powered, scriptless test automation tool, you can automate your mobile, web apps, functional, and API services today!

Below are a few of the benefits of IntelliSWAUT 

No technical complexity – Incorporates smart frameworks that remove additional costs. It results from an increased maintenance effort for scripts. The technical obligation that comes with scripts is thus eliminated.

Reduces the automation time – The faster you can automate your process, the quicker you get the desired results. By using “IntelliSWAUT,” the testing team can automate extensive tests quickly. As a result, the speed of the delivery and the time to go to market is rapidly increased. Additionally, it minimizes the amount of time needed to automate. This helps to detect early bugs in the software development cycle.

Efficient collaboration – It provides efficient communication between technical experts. As a result, it is easier for functional analysts and business analysts to discuss and analyze the test case.

Rapid design of scripts and development – The Simple testing design, and the intuitive user interface allow quick tests for development.


CIOs at banks prefer transformation projects and projects that are of immediate relevance to business.  While they typically monitor and report on the performance of their IT or technology initiatives, they should focus mainly on the business results and the benefits they bring to the company. Scriptless test automation tools in banking and predictive analytics will ensure the quality of user experience by matching user needs on a deeper level and giving space for more innovation. Efficient scriptless test automation tools such as IntelliSWAUT boosts the innovation of the banking sector by reducing the testing time considerably. To achieve the successful results of digital transformation initiatives banks should consider using the perfect scriptless tool in the digital ecosystem. Banking applications need utmost care because they are directly connected to customers and involve thousands of transactions. Thus, quality assurance is essential, and performing software testing like load testing, performance testing, usability testing, security testing, and functional testing is mandatory to ensure that there are no bugs. In addition, it helps with the application functionalities and efficiency. Working together with Sun Technologies’ QA experts will help you reap the benefits of QA with our all-in-one scriptless test automation tool – IntelliSWAUT and QA CoE.

If you are looking out for an exceptional competitive advantage in the new age, talk to us!

With the power of IntelliSWAUT, we can help you turn your business into a top-notch financial organization with a better user experience, resulting in long-term customer loyalty.

Break the bias and build new innovations!

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