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Continuous quality and automation-optimized software testing delivery model

One-Stop-Shop for all your Web, Mobile, Windows, Database, and API testing


Test automation maximizes the overall software efficiency and quality. But what if it brings even more benefits and makes the automation process quicker and simpler for testers? Have you discovered the scriptless test automation tools that power up digital transformation? Let’s dive into scriptless testing and explore the importance of scriptless tools in software testing.

By 2025, 70% of enterprises will have implemented an active use of AI-augmented testing, up from 5% in 2021.


AI-led test automation tools support various approaches to fasten up the testing process. However, Quality assurance leaders find it challenging to find the right tools. The utilization of AI can exponentially increase the efficacy rate of test automation tools, minimizing human intervention to find key problems critical through conventional testing. In addition, market demands and trends for accessibility, security, and compliance are expanding quality product expectations, adding value to intelligent testing solutions. Service providers that don’t have well-modeled AI-led capabilities will vanish gradually from the top positions in the market.

Few trends that drive the rapid adoption of AI-powered test automation tools include:

  • Microservices 
  • Cloud and SaaS adoption
  • The complexity of bringing testing and quality with value realization
  • Balanced quality and delivery speed needs
  • Regulatory, safety, security, and privacy requirements
  • Remote and hybrid work culture

 Continuous testing and AI-powered test automation tools enable more intelligent testing and enhance testing efficacy.

Businesses integrate continuous testing into the software delivery life cycle to improve time-to-market and achieve higher ROI. Test automation is occupying a key position in the success of software delivery. While test automation has become pivotal, you need an expert software developer to attain tremendous success in test automation because of the software application’s complexities.  Scriptless automation testing serves the motive here. It removes the need for coding to automate software testing and helps the testers automate their tests without any programming language knowledge.

IntelliSWAUT is a powerful test automation tool built for testing teams to strengthen and quicken the Quality assurance process. The AI-powered tool helps fasten test creation and reduces the maintenance efforts with its self-healing technology.

Embrace a Valid Methodology that boosts the productivity

Test Automation is an inevitable reality, and the scriptless approach makes it all the more viable. To embrace scriptless test automation, you need tools powered with AI and ML capabilities for near-zero test maintenance, durability, and test reusability. Moreover, it leverages a record and playback approach to record test cases. Among many scriptless test automation tools available in the market, IntelliSWAUT is the best tool to adopt, bringing scalability and sustainability. Additionally, the ideal solution accomplishes the testing goals. It eliminates programming difficulties and improves test engineers’ productivity, simultaneously manages the real-world complexities of QA.  In a nutshell, IntelliSWAUT has come to life to push software deliveries, boost sales by eliminating the hindrances in the process of automating tests within agile and continuous delivery environments.

Agile and DevOps practices enable more innovation

Agile and DevOps processes minimize the time of software releases.QA leaders must encourage their teams to adopt agile methodologies to enhance quality and optimize investments. Select the suitable composition of resources and technology for test automation with better environment provisioning and delivery practices. Optimized testing brings precisely the level of confidence and data needed to drive a release decision.

IntelliSWAUT A scriptless tool that streamlines QA and modernize collaboration

Sun Technologies’ IntelliSWAUT is a proven, AI-powered, tool-agnostic, platform-independent testing framework that helps automate complex tests. It supports industry design models that include Keyword, Data, and Hybrid to allow non-technical individuals to verify and validate business processes. It minimizes the time and effort needed for automation and ensures higher maintainability and ease of updating changing requirements. It fits into the Agile/DevOps process to deliver quality software rapidly. Our QA experts will help you set up, configure, and tailor the IntelliSWAUT framework to your requirements and help you scale your test coverage levels faster.

Few other key benefits of utilizing scriptless test automation into your QA process includes:

End-to-End testing on Web, Mobile, Windows, and Database

IntelliSWAUT helps overcome end-to-end testing challenges by simplifying the automation and enable you to perform end-to-end tests without writing a single piece of code.  It works across different operating systems, browsers, databases, and web applications. It enables you to develop reusable components, customize automation approaches, organize test cases for redundant execution, maintenance, and produce a detailed report on project status.

Ensure responsive and scalable application experiences to maximize user engagement

The abstraction layer of IntelliSWAUT translates the user inputs to code which allows you to focus on developing test scenarios. It uses AI technology that understands the application and then builds test cases automatically.

Integration with JIRA, Jenkins, GitHub and CI/CD pipeline

It has native plugins for Jenkins, Azure DevOps and can also be integrated with bug tracking platforms.

It collates Git, Jenkins, Jmeter, Sonarqube, and Artifactory together to:

  • Examine the health of the CI/CD build pipeline
  • Setup proactive alerts across multiple tools
  • Performance assessment

Cloud, Server, and Data Center Deployment Options

The scriptless tool in the cloud allows users and businesses to meet several specific requirements across scalability, velocity, collaboration, quality, and security and enable teams to focus more on product innovation.

Low-code library for Web, Mobile, API, Desktop, Database testing

IntelliSWAUT has an accessible interface for test experts and business users. The drag-and-drop features, record, and playback options make it an ideal scriptless automated testing tool. QA experts can import external test libraries in just a few clicks. The tool allows you to execute the deployment, avoiding developing a framework from scratch.

Innovations in the testing process are possible through scriptless tools. IntelliSWAUT allows users to automate strict and reusable tests with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, hence continuous test execution and expected outcomes can be achieved seamlessly. Scripts can constantly run and fix themselves without disturbing any functions.

Codeless API and UI

The method of scriptless testing has become incredibly efficient in running GUI tests. In such a case, QA specialists record and automate user-like behavior. Testers can automate test cases when the developer completes UI. If automation is designed for visual workflow, the code is hidden, and testers don`t have to go through complex frameworks. Moreover, developers need not create UI tests if GUI testing is done through IntelliSWAUT. It is flexible with various desktop and web applications. 

Strengthen the potential of automation with a scriptless test automation tool

The acquisition of automated functional testing is becoming a trend, so scriptless testing tools have evolved to save time, resources, and effort with the manual approach. Hence, it is evident that manual testing and automation testing have to go parallelly. If both are applied together, they offer successful results. Manual testers are the right people who possess knowledge on Application Under Rest (AUT) for testing, and this familiarity with AUT enables them to create better-automated testing suites. Therefore, automated software testing should collaborate along with a manual approach.

Organizations that utilize manual and automation testing practices to enhance their product quality can get the required assistance from scriptless test automation tools. They bring unity between their manual and automation processes and produce better quality software.

Transform your Testing process with AI-empowered Test Automation

Scriptless applications create a new age of technology that accomplishes the demands and expertise of both beginner and expert users. Leading scriptless tools such as IntelliSWAUT have made remarkable changes to how non-technical users get involved in the product development cycle. Ultimately, the gap between the increasing demands of product delivery and the testers’ general expertise is reduced effectively. CI/CD and continuous testing practices are the essential components in the Agile development process.  Going scriptless helps the team to deal with faster delivery and increased speed.  IntelliSWAUT is capable of simplifying the test activities of QA teams and managing the increasing complexities of applications. It uses AI/ML capabilities to provide accessibility for teams of all skill levels. It renders success with intelligent automation.

Vaidyanathan Ganesa Sankaran

Vaidyanathan Ganesa Sankaran

Vaidy is an experienced lead Solutions Architect heading sales and project delivery for Cloud (AWS, Azure), DevOps and legacy Modernization projects with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is a strong engineering professional with a Master of Science (MS) focused in Computer Software Engineering from BITS Pilani. He has the capability to manage bigger teams and generate revenue through new Sales and Account Mining.

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