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Why CIOs should consider a strategic business framework through an enterprise agile transformation?

Accelerated transformation with 100% success


Organizations that initiate business transformation in a more agile fashion deliver maximum value. The need for continuous quality and tailored experiences drives the business agility across several industries. Therefore, Enterprises with a mature strategic business framework and best modernization practices achieve high-quality business results exponentially comparing their competitors. A mature framework addresses the changes in agile practices during transformation, capabilities, and tools needed to drive successful modernization.

The agile enterprise transformation can improve the organization’s adaptation capability, and it is the best fit for organizations that focus on speed for their business and IT operations. The entire organization needs to undergo an agile transformation regardless of the teams.

Enterprise agile transformation- Trending approach to create next-gen applications

Build applications according to market trends at a higher speed

Emerging technologies such as no-code platforms, AI, ML, RPA, and Intelligent Automation (IA) can accelerate service/product delivery. Adopting the market trends makes a way to achieve higher speed in designing and building modern applications.


Build capabilities to leverage multiple platforms

The next-gen tools’ low-code and scriptless features, with AI capabilities, can help teams deploy anywhere and on multiple platforms in less time. In addition, this approach brings the flexibility to build and deploy anywhere with just a click.


Cut IT-Infra cost by Platform as a Service (PaaS)

 PaaS is the next-gen technology available in the market to cut the cost of maintenance involved in IT infrastructure. In addition, PaaS accelerates the development and enables access to data centers, hardware, and operating systems.


Faster decision-making process with real-time data

Organizations can access real-time data within seconds under a single dashboard with data analytics and parsing technologies. This approach accelerates innovation and research with the generated data through various touchpoints and makes effective and accurate decisions.

The roadmap for Agile Transformation

Agile transformations are often not considered in time and effort. This is because the organization’s delivery leaders face challenges in achieving the full benefits due to the barriers such as limited funding, resource allocation, lack of stakeholder commitment, and the gap in people’s mindset about the organization’s culture and the business operations. To reap the complete benefits, applications and software engineering leaders need to merge the agile experience of external practitioners with the cultural sensitivity and organizational knowledge of internal coaches to ensure successful agile transformation. Correspondingly, agile can increase delivery speed, response time, and alignment with business outcomes. 


Companies prefer iterative development methods that keep continuous innovation and enhancement of their product. With the agile transformation roadmap, delivery leaders can identify and overcome barriers to scaling agile. Knowing the key activities is essential in every stage of the transformation journey with a detailed guide to organize the delivery resources as a successful team.  

agile transformation roadmap

What challenges to be considered during modernization?



Lack of agile mindset

Build leadership trust with the culture change

Dominant productivity-driven ecosystem

Adopt relationship building culture between the teams

Stringent guidelines and conventional practices

Bring collaboration culture with transparency

Boundary for thought processes or limited within the upper management

Make way for everyone and allow every team members to share their ideas

Lack of training

Leverage outside agile coaches and internal agile experiences

Unclear business goals

Define Value Streams and results-oriented architecture

Lack of knowledge management

Establish knowledge transfer sessions

Project budgeting and teams


Establish product line funding/team allocation


Difference between agile transformation and enterprise agile transformation

Agile transformation is an ongoing process of rapid shift from one method to the other method. Organizations find it challenging due to the rapid shift from the legacy method to the agile methods, this becomes difficult to achieve complete transformation.

Whereas enterprise agile transformations is a gradual change in the way, business operates with the modifications in the organization’s core technology. This benefits the organization step-by-step by changing the business operations and people’s mindsets.

Recognizing PMOs for Enterprise Agile Success

The transformation to an enterprise-wide agile approach needs adaptive program management capabilities. Therefore, program and portfolio management leaders must focus on the PMO transformation to ensure agile enterprise success.

Unlike any transformation, an agile transformation enables the PMO to change itself, not just monitor the change in the enterprise. It also ensures the PMO culture shifts by monitoring roles, responsibilities, and workflows throughout the transformation with the focused capabilities.

Analyzing KPIs or key results with application leaders, product managers, and stakeholders, helps ensure the functional perspectives of portfolio management throughout the transformation.


Next Steps

Leadership trust

  • Build two-way trust between managers and delivery teams
  • Determine and set clear objectives
  • Allow thought process for junior to senior resource


  • Develop visibility of solution delivery
  • Identify risks and resolve them proactively
  • Empower teams to prioritize tasks
  • Focus on appreciation and reward-based organizational results


  • Non-toxic environment
  • Encourage success paths
  • Set guidelines around the experiments
  • Develop encouraging culture

Sun Technologies – The best partner to help you in digital transformation

Sun Technologies continuously encourage the team to adopt emerging skills and competencies and helps them adapt to changes to deliver expected value in the digital age. We use KPIs or key outcomes with application leaders, managers, and stakeholders to ensure that the functional perspectives of the services or products are achieved efficiently throughout the modernization. We analyze the maturity of the capability and skillset within the team and share the tasks accordingly to avoid the criticality of the objective. In addition, our adaptive framework can support appropriate monitoring levels, thereby enhancing the team and stakeholder transparency for an error-free service.

enterprise agile transformation

Sun Technologies have set about more than 1000+ projects with high velocity for various clients across industries and geographies.

Below are a few highlights and the solutions we have delivered for some of our customers:

  1. For a leading financial company from the USA — We are transforming legacy-based applications to an agile, microservices, DevSecOps, and AIOps-based open platform on the cloud. The goal is to establish a quick delivery of modern applications with improved user experience and enhanced accessibility by cutting down the costs by up to 50%.
  2. For a leading insurance company— We followed the agile approach to transform how they operate, manage, and use products with improved experiences.

Our solution enabled the customer to

  • Reduce processing time by 50%
  • Reduce claim cycle time by 90%
  • Enhance throughput by up to 60%
  • Reduce costs compared to baseline FTE costs by up to 50%

We turn the legacy applications into technology agnostic, digital-twin applications with cognitive automation to improve operational resilience.

Contact us today to learn more about how we address your digital transformation challenges and help you achieve success with speed and quality.

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