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Know the Emerging Technologies: Create the economic architecture needed for AI adoption










Businesses need at least 3 to 6 years to innovate and adopt newer technologies to accelerate digital transformation effectively for customers. The best way to evolve, scale and lead digital business transformation is by integrating capabilities, approaches, and technologies to build more adaptable and scalable offerings.

Discover the trends

Organizations need to monitor, understand and follow emerging technologies to help improve their products or services. The ever-changing trends and increased market disruptions bring the potential of new customers, minimized costs, and competitive advantages. In addition, the fundamental changes in the technology markets present application leaders with new challenges and opportunities.

The trends in IT services highlight accelerated impulse for service providers to discover the recent approaches to drive digital business, IT resilience, and business value.



of companies have released new products with advanced features with the adoption of emerging technologies


Enterprises have seen a 40% increase in their profit after the adoption


of businesses have already adopted at least one of the emerging technologies

Primary goals that drive enterprises’ to adopt emerging technologies

Organizations prefer to adopt emerging technologies to

Increase productivity

Improve existing products/services

Automate business processes

Improve competitiveness

Enable operational cost savings

Meet new customer demands

Grow with the changing market dynamics

Generate revenue growth

Collaborate, grow, reach and innovate through emerging technologies and trends in IT services

Leveraging the emerging technologies and trends needs careful considerations

  • Choose technologies based on your requirements.
  • Remember, the customers will see the value and improvement.
  • Assume that customers would risk product stability for the improvement
  • Organizations should identify the strengths and future capabilities of the in-house products or services offered and make go-to-market strategies.
  • Once the business strategy is finalized, the internal business leaders should measure the skill of the in-house resources and existing vendor capabilities
  • Remodel internal and external processes for positioning sustainability as a critical outcome for applicable technologies.
  • Map the skillset with changing market trends and technologies with the pre-planned business model


Top emerging technologies and trends

Anywhere Operations

Distributed infra use cases such as cloud enable anywhere operations, where organizations can scale productivity, allowing the workforce to complete tasks anytime from any location.

Hyperscale Edge Computing

Hyperscale edge computing continues to grow its footprint. It helps organizations continuously optimize and differentiate their business.



Businesses adopt hyper-automation enabled with AI, RPA, and other technologies to streamline processes across their organization and run without human intervention.



Enable MLOps and DataOps to operationalize the business process and automate it to meet the measurable and defined goals as per priority.


Distributed Cloud

Empower with the distributed cloud and manage the cloud collaboratively under a single dashboard with better data recovery facilities.

Composite AI

Pre-analyze and solve all your complex business problems with various analytics methods using technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

IoT Platforms

IoT implemented organizations can achieve enhanced devices, data, and process integration that provides seamless ecosystem connectivity for the workforce.


Advanced Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can benefit organizations by real-time customer engagement, improved accuracy with visibility, and analytics by keeping business operations costs low.


Total Experience

Meet the needs and expectations of employees and customers by focusing on improvements at once.


Intelligent Composable Business

Accelerates the digital efforts by offering both organization and workforce an agile experience with better decision-making in real-time.

Increased ROI

For instance, promote a new feature enabled with the emerging technology

New business model

For instance, new opportunities for revenue growth

Ensure the advantages are worth the investment. What benefits you can expect?

Reduced Costs

Modern technologies enable enterprises to complete activities with consistency, accuracy, and speed, significantly reducing costs.

Maximized retention

Continuous improvement and training

AI trends

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Adopting Emerging Technologies – The Approach

Build a practical approach by emphasizing the offering’s sustainability impacts and ensuring flexibility in the strategy. Analyze the benefits by quantifying enhanced key performance, increasing performance, improving efficiency, and maximizing customer value.

How Sun Technologies’ help access cutting-edge features and emerging technologies?

  • Approach: Research and Strategize->Innovation and prototyping-> Analytics Solutions
  • Leader in digital emerging technologies
  • Hi-Tech solutions for Web, Mobile, and Cloud
  • A product-centric delivery model with agile and DevOps to accelerate business value
  • We stay relevant and updated with emerging technologies such as AR, VR, AI, IoT, and ML
  • We help revolutionize IT with advanced technologies such as blockchain, RPA, server-less computing, and microservices
  • Continuous innovation to reach new capabilities

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