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SWAUT- Smart/Low-code Framework for Efficient Test Automation

SWAUT – Sun Technologies’ jump start kit for Test Automation


Sun Technologies’ SWAUT framework will help you improve productivity and reduce time-to-market by simplifying the overall process of test automation.

Ensure high-quality test automation solution with SWAUT

Sun Technologies’ low-code, reusable and scalable test automation framework SWAUT provides a way to boost productivity and nurture code reuse with detail reporting — ultimately enhancing the resulting software quality. The well-designed framework not only reduces the risk of the current project but can reduce the risk and cost of future projects.

SWAUT manages most of the false positives and detailed step-by-step reports that help in understanding the application behaviour. 

Scale up
your Collaboration
with SWAUT
  • Optimal solution for creating test scripts
  • App configuration
  • Test case execution
  • Easy migration and upgrading of test scripts
  • UI for test case execution and result summary
  • Dashboard for detailed view
  • Ease of use (Developer/ Tester/UAT Tester)
  • Well-defined user interface for test definition and creation
  • Repeatable tests – optimize time and cost

Features of SWAUT

What Makes SWAUT the Best Automation Tool?

Try SWAUT to achieve


Reduction in test script development


Reduction in test execution cycle


Reduction in cost of QA

SWAUT Architecture

no code selenium framework | SWAUT architecture


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Scriptless Test Automation Solution with AI

Transformation in Test Automation

Sun Technologies’ Test Automation Framework Improved a US Furniture Retailer’s App Performance by 42%

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