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Digital Experience Platform: An Excellent Way to Retain Your Legacy Systems & Modernize Customer Experience

DXP(Digital Experience Platform): What is it?

DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is a new-generation content management system that marks the customer journey of functions, interactions, behaviors, and locations throughout the complete lifecycle of a purchase.

Based on customer profiles, it enables brands to deliver targeted content and highly-personalized and compelling experiences across a wide range of digital touch points.

Companies use DXPs to build, deploy, and continually improve websites, mobile apps, portals, and other digital experience

What are the Differences Between CMS, WEM and DXP?

Different concepts and technologies behind digital experience platform architecture have emerged with the demands of the digital worker and digital consumer.

Content Management System 

The fundamental system to help organizations categorize written content, data, images, and other collateral needed for their online presence.

Web Experience Management 

WEM emerged when digital became a major constituent of brands, new customer channels blown in, and cross-departmental collaboration began to rely on sharing digital data.

Digital Experience Platform 

The experience swiftly moved beyond just web content. Businesses want to share any type  of resource, or group of resources, across any digital touch point – online, in-store, billboards, kiosks, customer portals, eCommerce systems, and more.

Why are DXPs Gaining More Popularity?

The call for customer experience and relevance has been around for quite some time now in both B2B and B2C. The next generation of top Content Management Systems and Web Experience Management systems transformed websites into an essential part of the customer journey. This gave companies new paths to collect customer data, define personas, and create exceptional experiences with unique content for a wide array of niche audiences. Additionally, it connected new digital channels, such as mobile apps and social media.

The set of factors that are forcing organizations to focus on contextualized digital experiences are:-

  • The sudden evolution of the digital channels and digital marketing initiatives
  • Digital management delivery and optimization
  • Customers expect to get a seamless user experience.
  • Composition management delivery
  • Mobile responsiveness 

Marketers found that these systems are designed to work with native data. Web Experience Management systems are stand-alone marketing tools that are difficult to connect to other systems. Data, profiling, and applying business logic is shortened when you work from a silo. This realization launched the DXP, an open platform that effortlessly combines with other systems and departments.  This enables companies to craft truly personal experiences for customers.

Why DXP Is The Best Option?

Businesses are looking for technology that can offer results, bring forward digitization, and enhance collaboration among various stakeholders. Technology that can integrate their legacy systems and databases while also upgrading portal and migrating to new software is essential. Flawless and well-organized business operations are key for survival in today’s digital age. 

The million dollar question remains, is it that difficult to identify a technology that fulfils all of these needs? Well, not anymore. Liferay has provided an Enterprise Solution for organizations to upgrade and migrate their portals. It has excellent features and easy-to-use plug-ins that help deliver an exceptional end-to-end digital experience.

The Core Functions of Digital Experience Platforms Include

  • Allowing individuals personalized access to information based on their user credentials
  • Well-organized customer interactions across channels to deliver a consistent experience
  • Synchronizing and collecting customer data across all touch points using APIs
  • Conducting web-based analytics on customer data
  • Storing and securing and customer data collected across multiple digital channels

Best DXP Vendors

Most of the DXPs in today’s market deliver the same fundamental services. However, the leading DXP providers also provide additional value-adding services on top of those fundamental aspects. Some of the most popular services are: API-integration, omnichannel services, and tools for improved developer experience.

The top providers also have tools for end-to-end omnichannel customer journey mapping and enable the use of “win scores” to prioritize sales opportunities and probability metrics to measure the experience delivered.

Best DXP Vendors-Sun Technologies

The Need of Digital Experience Platform and the Reason Behind it

Present digital technologies provide various products such as enterprise presentations, digital content management software, search portals, campaign management analytics, etc., which result in data silos. Personalization is generally accomplished through static rule-based configurations in traditional methods. Moreover, the digital transformation of legacy systems involve a custom migration effort for data and content with conventional platforms.

On the other hand, Digital Experience Platforms bring value with a single, integrated platform that has all the needed capabilities including:

  • Context-based, dynamic personalization using real-time behavioral information, navigation patterns, and purchase history
  • Rich, responsive user interface technologies for crafting engaging and compelling experiences
  • Flexible and modular integration of various services
  • Elimination of data silos for a unified experience
  • Open, standards-based components to ease the digital transformation effort and enable reusability

All stakeholders, i.e., your customers, business teams, end-users, technology, and operations teams, will benefit from DXP.


WEM is only the start of an organizational DXP. As your CMS tactics mature, you will be able to distribute content to target points outside of your front-end website and add more components of a DXP. The components include mobile devices, web apps, back-office integrations, automated business processes and social networks—all under the protection of compliance and governance.

Sun Technologies makes it easy for developers and marketers to deliver robust, multichannel user experiences. With us, you can produce an architecture that empowers enterprises to digitize workflows, connect various types of customer experiences, and receive valuable and applicable insights. Let’s have a look at how this is accomplished:

  • Reduced Cost
  • Flawless Experience
  • Flexible Development
  • Comprehensive Solution
  • Improved Content and Portal Management
  • Personalization

Our extensive range of Liferay digital experience consulting solutions at Sun Technologies provide support and guidance for document management, audience tracking and targeting, collaboration, and mobile experience management. You can create a flexible experience for your users using our solutions. 

Tahir Imran

Tahir Imran

With over 18+ years of experience in Software design and development, Tahir's expertise lies in designing and developing high-quality products and solutions spanning multiple domains. He is versatile and always eager to tackle new problems by constantly researching and deploying emerging techniques, technologies, and applications.

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