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DevOps and IT Automation Services

Sun Technologies has been successful in helping the industry in adapting to the culture of “Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)”  by setting up a high maturity DevOps Pipeline and  automating Infrastructure related processes such as Maintenance, Monitoring, Patches and Upgrades, Code Deployment for both On-Premise and Cloud (Public, Hybrid)

Are your best programmers spending too much time in writing software extensions, testing, and iterating codes?

Let our DevOps and DataOps experts manage your continuous delivery with proven toolsets and workflows. Using highly reusable UI components that work in any Web framework or library, we are driving over 40% faster release cycles for enterprise tech teams.

Our API-first DevOps experts are adept at generating secure REST APIs, converting SOAP to REST, and aggregating disparate data sources from mainframes and legacy ERPs. With secure password hashing best practices, API keys, and JASON Web Tokens (JWT), we also ensure compliance with data security standards like PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).



Our DevOps Capabilities

    Azure DevOps

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    AWS DevOps

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    GCP DevOps

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Our DevOps Skillsets

Optimum Branch Strategy


Code Coverage Validation

Vulnerability Scan

Open Source Scan

Auto Provision

Immutable servers

Automated Change Order Process

Zero Downtime release on Cloud

Cloud Re-Hydration

Dashboarding / Analytics

DevOps Managed Services for Hybrid Cloud and Continous Delivery

Get a seasoned DevOps team to save many valuable hours and weeks otherwise spent on modernizing legacy applications and testing new feature releases. Our proven DevOps Services combines IT Infrastructure Automation, Continous Delivery, and Cloud transformation journeys.

Our Developers are adept at quickly deploying highly secure REST APIs that aggregate disparate data sources. The team brings 500,000+ hours of combined hands-on experience in managing CI/CD pipelines for highly regulated industries. Skilled in DevSecOps tools, our service also includes support for infrastructure provisioning, data security, backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Faster API Testing

Offload Kubernetes Management

Single-Click Deployment Pipeline

24x7 Monitoring & Observability

DevOps-as-a-Service Capability

Speed-up decoupling of monoliths into autonomous systems

Integrate with Any Cloud

Our easy integration helps connect legacy database with components hosted on distributed, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. 


Set-Up Timebound, Incremental Migration  

Use our Incremental Migration excellence to keep legacy systems alive using phased decommissioning and platform retirement. 


Automate IT Infrastructure

Our DevOps for Infrastructure enables Self-Service Cloud, Kubernetes Automation, Multi-Cloud Automation, and Network Automation.


Automate Data Streams and

Let the experts build automated data streams and workflows across the enterprise in real-time to build new innovative products and services.

Adopt API-Driven

We can custom build APIs with the highest level of data security using Jason Web Tokens (JWT) and API keys for secure session handling and password hashing.


Enable IaC with

Leverage our Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaC) expertise to ensure every branch or location enables uniform IT resources for any new software product releases. 

Tools and Technologies Used by Our DevOps and Cloud Ops Experts

Get assured ROI with highly proficient and economical resources
with wide spectrum DevOps tool skillsets

Manage IT Infrastructure with Our Automation Expertise

Enable faster provisioning and automate deployment pipelines

Our DevOps Managed Services include highly customizable and flexible Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployments made possible by our inhouse expertise in different tools that save valuable dollars.  

All your regional branches can use our IaC expertise to embrace a standard IT environment which includes servers, networking, and custom configurations.

Our experts will also help you monitor and manage a security-rich hybrid and multi-cloud environments whenever testing a new feature through our DevOps pipeline automation practice.

Database Agnostic API Development

Build highly secure REST APIs, convert SOAP to REST, and configure automated data streams

Value Added Services Include Big Data Testing and Big Data Security

Get essential DevOps skills for continuous delivery

Managed Kubernetes anagement  

 Our expertise in Big Data applications on Kubernetes deploys large workloads while ensuring highest security using API access control hardening. 

Machine Learning Services (MLOps)  

We enable faster code development at lower costs by automatically pushing new data models for training every time we make a commit on repositories.   


Our CloudDevOps expertise helps scale infrastructure while managing large, dynamic data workloads using highly available and secure cluster deployments.  


Our DevOps services include real-time visibility, monitoring, and analysis of various system logs, traces, etc., to troubleshoot issues before they impact

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