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Automate Demand Forecasting and Planning in FMCG and Retail

Enable savings in millions with predictive order fulfillment forecasting and real-time sales visibility

By using demand forecasting automation, you can become 400% faster speeds in predicting demand for particular products or services. This generally entails looking at specific data sets that characterize inventory status and sales to estimate all future needs. 

Forecasting automation can also help maximize profits by speeding-up the cycle-time for predicting inventory of high-demand products and preventing the depletion of high-demand product stocks. 

Using Sun Technologies’ award-winning workflow automation solutions, you can implement an end-to-end automated, demand forecasting process. The solution can be easily integrated into any aspect of your operations – email, ERP, CRM, Databases, etc. to provide prediction for all SKUs with impeccable accuracy. 

Our award-winning RPA solution is helping top Fortune 500 companies to accelerate the following:

Order Management

Warehouse Management

Distribution Management

Retail Planning

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Sage Integration

NetSuite Integration

Quickbooks Integration

Multi-entity Accounting

Project Accounting

Production Scheduling

Resource Allocation

Sales and Marketing Forecasting

Budgeting and Financial Planning

New Product Launch

Campaign plans

Replace or automate human touch with robotic bots and software at significantly lower costs. Join us for a quick-sprint workshop that will leave you inspired with real RPA use cases that will – Reduce turnaround times by 80%, improve productivity using the same resources by 200%, reduce spending on IT resource and licensing by 50%.

Our Solution

  • Automate Data Collation: Engineer an automated data pipeline to collect and cleanse the data 
  • Machine Learning: Use machine learning techniques to predict the demand for specific product SKUs 
  • Data Integration: Gather data from various sources, including customer usage patterns, historical sales, market trends, and competitor information 
  • Advanced Analytics: Implement advanced analytics techniques like time series forecasting and predictive modelling to capture demand patterns accurately 
  • Segmentation: Categorize customers based on usage, demographics, and preferences to create more accurate forecasts
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with marketing and sales teams to gather insights on upcoming promotions, offers, and campaigns that may impact demand
  • External Factors: Consider external factors like economic indicators, competitor moves, and technological advancements that influence demand


  • High volume of historical data from sales and inventories for each SKU and distribution channel 
  • Disparate systems with different aggregation logic that add to the complexity of predicting demand 
  • Predicting demand for new products/models that do not have any history in the market 
  • Allocating better inventory of models to optimize overall cost structure 
  • Forecasting demand for products at the SKU level 
  • Predicting future trends for every model at the SKU level 
  • Find a way to cull appropriate data from relevant data sets 
  • Not having a consistent method of identifying devices across systems

Our experts will create a roadmap for demand forecasting automation based on:

  • Current state of affairs and future plans
  • Analyzing system limitations vs. Order Management process automation needs
  • Identifying the best UI/UX for Data input, data visualization, and demand forecasting dashboards that also connects with users’ spreadsheet-driven processes

How we will automate demand forecasting processes

  • We use our expertise of legacy systems to recommend the most cost-optimized way for realizing automation
  • We use our expert diagnosis to quickly gain an understanding of your multiple SKU, Styles, Stores, and more
  • We analyze the manual dependencies in your process to get the required information for inventory forecasting

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