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Case Study

Testing Automation for Mainframe Modernization: 400% faster refactoring and testing of legacy applications


One of our BFSI clients wanted to migrate components a critical mainframe application to the cloud. It required code refactoring from COBOL and PowerBuilder to modern programming languages like Java and to modern frameworks such as Angular. The key purpose of this modernization move was to enable cloud optimization of IT workloads while activating new-age digital experiences that could not be run on the monolithic mainframe. The Re-Platforming strategy required upgradation of Java applications to the most updated versions.

To execute these deliverables, there are two tools that were used extensively – Our in-house AI-powered Testing Tool ‘IntelliSWAUT’ and ‘AWS Blu Age’.

Almost 50+ applications were modernized using our AI-infused code refactoring and functional testing. The deliverables included the following tasks:

Re-platforming of Applications from PowerBuilder to Phoenix

Migration of Data from Oracle to Snowflake Data

Re-platforming of Applications from JBoss EAP to Phoenix

Crystal Report Upgrades to Enterprise Edition

ETL Upgrades from 3.2 to 4.2

Our Solution

  • Use of ‘IntelliSWAUT’ tool and AWS Blu Age automates conversion of complete legacy applications to new programming languages and frameworks
  • As soon as a developer commits changes to the source code, the automation automatically places it a downstream testing cycle
  • It enables testers to automate the iterations required to check the refactored codes, test sets, and finetune changes
  • Our combination of human testers and AI Testing Tools can quickly address differences in text content, text color, buttons, output data, etc.
  • Test scenarios are automatically created when testers use the application to perform required actions
  • It also automates testing of the visual appearance of any application/product to ensure it meets design specifications


  • Legacy mainframe systems often have intricate architectures, making manual testing labor-intensive and error-prone
  • Changes in mainframe applications can cause unforeseen issues and require extensive regression testing
  • Mainframe modernization projects often involve frequent updates and releases to keep pace with evolving business needs
  • Manual testing often incurs data migration and in those cases validating data accuracy becomes cumbersome if performed manually
  • Mainframe modernization may involve transitioning to hybrid or multi-cloud environments which requires specialized cloud talent
  • Manual testing may overlook many test scenarios due to an over-dependency on human efforts
  • Integrating mainframe changes into the CI/CD pipeline for continuous testing becomes challenging with manual processes

How we Helped

  • We deployed a team of code specialist with our automated testing tools and unique frameworks
  • Our codeless tool creates resilient testing scripts that don’t break when objects such as icons, text, and other elements are moved on the user interface
  • Codeless test automation frameworks and scripts are used to check test quality, intent and integrity of applications
  • Our daily cyclical frameworks include converting the code and the data, running the tests, checking if it works, and finetuning when required

The Impact

  • Conversion and testing application with millions of lines of code take a few hours
  • We cut down scripting time from six hours per test case to just two hours
  • Complex migration processes have been almost entirely automated
  • Minimal turnaround time for workflows with no errors or delays
  • Upgraded 50+ Apps using automated functional testing
Testing Automation

BFSI Case Studies: Made possible by INTELLISWAUT Test Automation Tool, Automated Refactoring, and Coding Specialists from Sun Technologies

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