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Case Study

Data-Compliant & Data Secure No-Code App Development with Legacy Migration for Federal Companies


For Federal Agencies and Federal Contractors, Data Security is of paramount importance especially when it comes to doing business on the cloud. Also, companies that fall in the category of highly regulated industries such as – Insurance, Financial Services, Public Sector, and Healthcare need to pay special attention to Data Security.

Our data security experts are helping some of the largest US Federal Banks to stay compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) while migrating legacy applications or building new Codeless Applications.

While delivering Microservices Applications, our Federal customers want us to rapidly build, design, and test new API services that help connect with legacy data sources. To fulfill Federal Data Compliance requirements, our data security specialists use SaaS products and platforms that are AICPA-certified. Essentially, these are platforms that are certified by third-party auditors to maintain security compliance with SOC 2 Type II and mandated standards like HIPAA.

These platforms that are also listed on the Federal Risk & Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP®) are once again evaluated based on the suitability based on the different regional requirements.

Our Solution: Process Optimization Consulting and Data Security Evaluation

Solution to the above discussed problem lies in finding the best route to make use of existing process knowledge while using AI to optimize human efficiencies.

Process Optimization Consulting Practice: It helps identify the checks and balances that can be placed using a mix of human intervention and Automation tools.

Set Rules and Permissions: When integrating legacy systems with external APIs, customer integrations, or a third-party product, our expert guidance helps set access control rules and permissions.

RBAC-based swimlanes: Our data security specialists possess hands-on experience in orchestrating RBAC workflows across internal teams, clients, and service providers.

Enhanced Authentication: Our proven framework authenticates integrations through a multitude of methods while providing the means to apply TLS to further enhance security.

Applying Transport Layer Security (TLS): These encryption safeguards ensure eavesdroppers/hackers are unable to see the data that is transmitted over the internet.

Challenges of AI in industries Such as Banking and Insurance

Concerns of Federal CTOs: Federal Agency CTOs have voiced their concerns about the risks and losses that can occur due to data outages or data loss caused by Generative AI.

Data Poisoning: The use of AI and ML in banking transactions can go wrong when a mistaken context or understanding is fed into the system.

Chances of Bias: While AI scans millions of documents, it can also lead to forming erroneous and biased classifications that inconveniences customers.

Failed or Declined Transactions: When results delivered based on biased judgement of data, it can lead to customers getting blocked or declined services.

How we Helped

  • Our codeless practice makes it easy to migrate logic and data to a Migration factory from where it is extended using our recommended No-Code platform
  • It can successfully connect with legacy systems like ServiceNow, PEGA, APPWAY, AWD, etc., to build applications in a drag-and-drop interface
  • Queries are created from our expert-recommended No-Code platform that is used to get data feeds from legacy platforms
  • This data is used to create No-Code applications which can query with simple HTTP requests.
  • The recommended No-Code platform deployment ensures accurate extraction of business rules from legacy platform
  • CX, data model, and integrations are successfully extended to a modern frontend with significant improvements in application uptime and performance

The Impact

  • 100% accuracy in extraction of business rules
  • 600x Increase in developer productivity for client
  • 80% reduction in maintaining legacy applications
  • 500x reduced time spent on bug fixing
  • Reduced TCOs by close to 60%


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