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Case Study

Ensuring timely App launch to support
a critical Housing Loan Program


A large US-based government-sponsored bank providing housing subsidies to the local community, member banks, and construction companies required a business-critical app.
The app was in production since a year and the project had suffered multiple delays caused by mistakes and coding miscalculations of their IT vendor. The client sought to replace the incumbent vendor who eventually backed out without a proper handover.

Our Solution

  • We helped the client in launching the app on time and enable online access to business-critical workflows
  • The team implemented a maker-checker process flow by structuring complex data that was scattered in multiple tables and folders
  • Successfully created and tested the maker-checker workflow by unifying data and making it visible on the app for the users to view
  • Users with the maker role access are now able to raise requests, examine requests, and seek timely approvals
  • Users with the checker role access can approve or reject requests while validating data based on set rules
  • The app brings accuracy in performing subsidy grant eligibility calculations based on these rules
  • The project needed constant repairing of broken codes and testing to monitor the app’s functional performance
  • We worked with client-appointed vendors who raised frequent change requests regarding code functionality
  • More than 300 tickets were resolved by making corrective changes in the code after the analysis


  • The project was at first given to a large IT vendor who was unable to provide quality code and missed multiple deadlines
  • They delivered a dysfunctional app that was unable to deliver even the basic functionality offered by the legacy system it meant to replace
  • The condition in which the project was delivered was not stable and it suffered from wrong calculations and data retrieval failures
  • It was largely caused by broken code structures and faulty microservices architecture implemented by the previous vendor team
  • When a particular task or a command is executed, it would lead to breakage at some other place and result in a breakdown


  • Up to 4-5 hours per day of savings on employee time spent on manual validation
  • Construction partner retention enabled by a vastly improved online service desk
  • Complete automation of data collection, approvals, validation, and report generation
  • 90% reduction in manual paperwork by transitioning to a frictionless online process
  • Customized dashboards to monitor data in real-time by the partnered banks
  • 5X times faster app development cycle time
  • 10X faster bottle necks identification
  • 200+ test cases
  • Up to 70% reduction in hard parses
  • +60% reduced regression time
  • Improved business continuity
  • 100% accuracy in calculations and data retrieval
  • 10X improved response time
  • Vastly improved ROI

How we helped

  • Solving functionality issues caused by breaking codes and errors
  • Providing maintenance and support for multiple legacy business application
  • Enabling error-free implementation of new rules to perform complex calculations
  • Using unstructured data housed in undocumented tables and folders
  • Handling CI/CD while managing multiple change requests
  • Mitigating the impact of change on the codes with testing automation
  • Repairing faulty codes that do not integrate properly with the app’s microservices architecture
  • More than 300 tickets were resolved by making corrective changes in the code after the analysis

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