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Case Study

How DevOps-As-A-Service Powered 500+ App Feature Releases for a Top US-Based Credit Union


Our dedicated DevOps support has enabled 500+ error-free feature releases for an application modernization project using our tried-and-tested code libraries and re-suable frameworks. Instead of having a siloed team of developers, database administrators, and operations teams, our DevOps orchestration has helped the client to accelerate innovation. Their IT teams and business users are now able to contribute more towards shaping new digital experiences rather than spending weeks on re-writing codes and testing of the apps before they go live.

Your DevOps consultant must be adept at creating two separate sets of hosts, a Live Side and a Deployment Testing Side. The deployment team needs to ensure that each side is scaled and able to serve traffic. The Deployment Testing Side is where changes are tested traffic is continually served to the Live Side. Sun Technologies’ DevOps Practice ensures creating a suitable environment where changes are tested manually before sending production traffic to it.

Based on the stage of the DevOps pipeline, our experts helped the client’s technical team to get trained and on-board automation tooling to achieve the following:

Continuous Development | Continuous Testing | Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery | Continuous Monitoring

Our Solution: A Proven CI/CD Framework

Testing Prior to Going Live: Get a secure place to test and prepare major software updates and infrastructural changes. 

Creating New Live Side: Before going all in, we will first make room to test changes on small amounts of production traffic

Gradual Deployments at Scale: By rolling deployment out to production by gradually increasing the percentage served to the new live side

DevOps Challenges

  • Siloed teams of Developers, Database Administrators, and Operations Team
  • Frequent file changes, inconsistencies in deployments
  • Lack of knowledge and expertise in maintaining capacity for Testing requirements
  • Inept deployment strategy for a gradual rollout for a new version of the older applications
  • Inability to ensure all search services only ever talked to other search services of the same version
  • Prior to DevOps support, client required three developer engineers, one operation engineer, and a production engineer on standby

How Our DevOps Practice Ensures Zero Errors

During the Test Phase 

  • Dedicated Testing Team: Prior to promoting changes to production, the product goes through a series of automated vulnerability assessments and manual tests
  • Proven QA Frameworks: Ensures architectural and component level modifications don’t expose the underlying platform to security weaknesses
  • Focus on Security: Design requirements stated during the Security Architecture Review are validated against what was built

In the Deployment Phase

  • User-Acceptance Environments: All releases first pushed into user-acceptance environments and then, when it’s ready, into production
  • No-Code Release Management: Supports quick deployment of applications by enabling non-technical Creators and business users
  • No-Code platform orientation and training: Helps release multiple deploys together, increasing productivity while reducing errors

The Impact

  • Close to $40,000 saved in development and testing of APIs
  • APIs enabling close to 80 million USD transactions per month
  • Automated Clearing House and Guarantee management Systems delivered in record time.
  • 100% uptime in 50+ apps rolled out in 12 months


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