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Case Study

Enabling smooth legacy software migration and upgrade to modernize a Mortgage Asset Management Program


A large US government-sponsored bank was dealing with a complex migration from an older version of Java and Angular to the new update.

The coding architecture, names, styling, front-end UI, etc., are subject to change after any migration or upgrade. Hence, our team had to ensure that the business logic of the existing solution and its functionality wasn’t impacted due to this upgrade. It required knowledge of legacy coding language models to prevent any disruptions causing malfunctions in the system.

Our Solution

Migration and upgrade of Angular and Java often require rewriting an entire app from scratch. A lack of understanding of Java and Angular coding structures can lead to overall system breakdowns.

We had four key stages in which the solution was implemented:

  • Each major version introduces its share of breaking changes including dropping some components.
  • So, as a first step, we reviewed the breaking changes introduced by each major release
  • Then we started importing custom code into new app and started performing all required tests
  • We used the right Java and Angular libraries and frameworks to fix name changes and broken codes in the system
  • We carefully chose libraries and frameworks to facilitate further maintenance.


  • Functionality failure can occur as the code needs a manual upgrade
  • It does not automatically update in many places and leaves the system broken
  • When a new upgrade package is installed, changes in the code lead to a visually broken application
  • Wrong colors, margins, and paddings can appear in the frontend UI if the codes are not refactored
  • It can mess up all the styling completely and fail to deliver the way the app and software backend/dashboards must appear (impacted by changes in: text color, font, themes, and sizes)


  • Successful database update resulting in zero-failure of critical retrieval of mortgage loan evaluation status updates
  • 8X faster processing of all mortgage asset risk management and analysis calculations based on accurate data
  • Complete code monitoring and functionality tests ensuring zero instances of data break or complete loss of data

How we helped

  • Using our knowledge of the component library, we defined components that are used in multiple places in the applications.
  • For example, buttons, input elements, progress-bar, etc. Those components have no business logic besides visualization, user interactions, and validation.
  • Our experts possessed knowledge of coding components that are directly related to the business logic of the application.
  • We knew how the changes impact the business logic of the application.
  • We laid out a time-bound plan and roadmap for the applications accessibility testing 
  • We created a unified automated application process without affecting everyday business operations
  • Our dedicated offshore team was supporting the testing of mobile and web applications
  • Our team evaluated the existing accessibility practices and cross-compared results using the best-in-class testing tools
  • Our web accessibility testing helped the client to take advantage of agile processes to handle mortgage asset management, risk analysis, documentation, and processing. 
  • Our continuous testing methodology and knowledge of legacy coding frameworks have enhanced data security and quicker liquidity provisioning on mortgage asset loans

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