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Case Study

Mainframe Modernization: Transitioning a Bank’s Monolithic COBOL Mainframe Driven Services to Java Enabled Experiences


COBOL programmers are retiring fast while customers expecting fast delivery of new omnichannel services. On the application agility side, banks want to break down slow mainframe monoliths into leaner services and microservices while using the valuable mainframe data.

By using Amazon EC2, our Mainframe Modernization Experts can provide the required application agility with DevOps best practices. Code refactoring performed by our CI/CD teams can help optimize high Read-Intensive Workloads using AWS to cut down costs significantly.  

By leveraging our extensive knowledge of industry domain specific CI/CD practices and pipelines, our experts can help deploy customer engagement applications implemented in Java®, either classically or as microservices. These new-age digital experiences can be hosted on x86 Linux® systems on the Red Hat® OpenShift® container platform.

Our Solution

  • By transforming many of the older programs written in COBOL to Java we enabled new digital experiences for mobile as well as web
  • Our code refactoring has accelerated query workloads while reducing mainframe CPU consumption
  • For relational databases, read replicas have been created to offload read traffic from the primary database
  • This ensures the cached data is quickly served to users, reducing the number of actual database reads and its cost
  • We enabled generic Java services that can be exposed as APIs to developers of front-end applications
  • Developers deployed API to call up the loan applicant details to be displayed on multiple screens
  • Our Java Refactoring has made it easier to present new services based on the bank’s existing functionality
  • Many new service and app functionalities have unique REST APIs available and deployed
  • We enabled remote call capability for both business logic services and data access services


  • Managing the refactoring without impacting existing application functions.
  • Refactoring codes without impacting 2 Million+ core banking transactions annually
  • Maintaining IMS performance with peaks of 12,000 transactions per second
  • Bringing the latest version of Java into the existing IMS/COBOL runtime
  • To Rewrite the 50000 plus COBOL lines into a new programming platform
  • Re-hosting application environment to updated platforms
  • Automating testing of applications with new features being added iteratively

How we Helped

  • Instead of a lift and shift framework, we started writing RESTFUL services in Java codes alongside the COBOL Mainframe
  • By re-factoring codes, we built new functionality and digital experiences for the bank’s customers
  • We helped the bank replace close to 90% of their backend with a modern java powered experiences
  • It has improved performance of workloads on the mainframe by 3X with new-age functionalities
  • We include automated testing in your CI/CD pipeline with AWS CodeBuild and our in-house tool IntelliSWAUT
  • Our knowledge of testing frameworks ensured the changes do not introduce regressions in read-intensive functionality
  • We implement load balancing with services like Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to distribute read traffic across multiple instances

The Impact

  • Transitioned 50 application programs, half online and half batch
  • 85% of its loan processing transitioned to RESTful service apps
  • Migration enables 80 Million USD transactions per month
  • API calls can manage 12,000 transactions per second
  • Capacity for 200 million instructions per processor second (MIPS) support

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