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How intelligent automation unlocks the complexity of business processes and workflows?

Providing intelligence-led automation innovation

By 2022, 40% of application development (AD) projects will use AI-enabled test set optimizers that build, maintain, run and optimize test assets. – Gartner

In the competitive world of changing technology trends, there is no way possible to rely only upon manual automation. Intelligent automation is a new way of gaining efficiency and productivity in your business with significant cost cutting in application testing. Intelligent automation- a comprehensive solution for digital transformation leverages the potential of analytics, AI /ML, NLP (Natural Language Processing), RPA (robots), and virtual agents to make automated and intelligent decisions. The core of a successful automation strategy includes a clear realization of various use cases and where intelligent automation can help your business perform at its best. Implementing intelligent automation solutions in organizations, IT can increase their productivity by automating the whole application testing process. As a result, enterprise leaders can invest their time in more innovation to optimize their applications. However, collecting, defining, and prioritizing these use cases can be a tedious task due to the complexity of the work and the different perspectives of each stakeholder. Therefore, enterprise leaders must choose the right service provider for implementing intelligent automation.

What needs to be focused?

  • Focus on the possible areas for reduced time for business impact and faster time-to-market
  • Use ROI calculators to get an understanding of the business impact
  • Invest in the tools which support clear communication and collaboration for a transparent process
  • It is crucial to align detailed explanations to application leaders about what automation framework (code-based, low code, or no code) you plan to adopt

Successful Modernization needs AIOps

AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is part of a broader trend and an accelerator of intelligent automation. It is a game-changer for organizations that are slow to adapt. Today, many businesses started using AIOPs instead of sustaining legacy systems and to eliminate challenges, minimize technology debt, enhance customer relationships, maximize stability and divert the workforce to focus on building innovative technological solutions. In addition, it helps improve IT operations by automating routine manual processes, and managing digital infrastructure efficiently in real-time.

 With AIOPs, organizations can benefit from deploying intelligent automation into their business with better analysis and insights. In addition, it helps with an in-depth analysis of application performance and enables better security.

You may have just begun your AIOps journey or have a dedicated team focused on predictive learning and analytics. No matter where you stand in your intelligent automation journey, Sun Technologies is always there to help you automate your business processes and integrate with innovative technologies to save time and money.

The key Challenges: Why you need to adopt Intelligent Automation now more than ever?

  • To meet the fast-changing digital technology trends in the market, enterprises need to deliver high-quality agile projects with good speed and minimal rework. This challenge is increasing the demand for automation.
  • Many IT service providers are now offering intelligent automation as a part of QA and testing services. Still, enterprise business leaders often face challenges in choosing the right vendor after evaluating their requirements. 
  • Many legacy applications, processes, and operational decision-making are ineffective, making them resource-intensive. Automation liberates the workforce for innovation.
  • Extensive tailoring hamper efficiency. Workflow and system optimization help achieve transformative business outcomes by enabling enterprise-wide automation.

Harness the power of Intelligent Automation

Most enterprises started utilizing intelligent automation to optimize the quality and speed of application testing for their IT services and solutions. Business leaders who need to optimize their QA should:

  • Enhance application testing agility by exploring the IA use cases such as model-based testing, optimization testing, defect prediction, test data generation & insights
  • Optimize the cost of application testing through evaluation, looking for service providers to document the procedure of incorporation of IA into application testing services in both proposals and current contracts
  • Optimize the costs of QA services by asking the evaluation queries provided.
  • Work on a detailed document on how they will integrate IA into application testing services for both new business opportunities and existing proposals
  • Understand your service providers’ IA investment strategies and tool capabilities.

Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Some of the major benefits of IA for businesses are:

Improved insights and analysis

It is necessary for application leaders to analyze every functionality of applications while performing testing. Implementing intelligent automation can help identify every unit in the application and produce a detailed analysis report.

Automating an organization’s raw and unstructured data 

IA can automate data extraction and perform auto-data entry into enterprise servers. This decreases the cost and time involved in data extraction and entry.

Minimal downtime

More downtime denotes increased time-to-market. Implementing intelligent automation will continuously monitor the application testing process, auto predicts the upcoming risk, and take the necessary steps to keep the application up and running. 


As intelligent process automation is enabled with machine learning algorithms, this process can self-fix the issues caused while testing the application. Also, it can predict upcoming errors and applies necessary action plan without human intervention.

Greater customer satisfaction that increases ROI

Intelligent process automation can automate ticketing systems and repetitive tasks, thereby improving response time with 24/7 availability. This process can also be customized according to customer business requirements, which improves customer satisfaction.  To augment your product quality, Sun Technologies will help you maximize your revenue with our automation capabilities.

Key steps to enable successful Intelligent Automation and strengthen your business case

1.    Build an Intelligent automation capability roadmap

To build an IA capability roadmap, organizations need to identify requirements in their application testing and opportunities with IA. However, most enterprises do not take advantage of the full power of RPA since they are unable to identify a clear path of how IPA can benefit their business. Business leaders must clearly understand their requirements and map them with what IA can reproduce and how it will help them in their application testing process. 

2.    Prioritize your automation capabilities and use cases

Prioritize your automation use cases by evaluating efficiency, efficacy, and agility based on results such as revenue growth, cost optimization, or risk management:

  • ROI — what are your key drivers for revenue? What are the focus areas to improve the process, automate tasks, customer engagement, or introduce new services?
  • Costs — how will you minimize costs? How could you increase efficiency by automating tasks and by, redesigning processes, minimizing the cost of errors?
  • Risk factors — what are your compliance risks? By re-architecting and automating inefficient processes, you could mitigate the risk of regulatory noncompliance.

3.      Choose a technology stack aligned with your capabilities to implement, test, and optimize

Once the organization knows its requirements and sets up the proper parameters for its automation process, the technology stack needs to be finalized. 

4.    Scale automation process for uninterrupted functions

It is necessary to scale up the automation process with better artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that augment the automation process with better analysis, risk detection, and self-healing features for uninterrupted application functions in the long-run.

5.    Define Key business results  

Intelligent process automation has become critical to long-term business growth for the following reasons:

  • Digitalization
  • The IT Skills Gap
  • Business needs

IT leaders must define the key business results before starting with the IA processes.

Enterprise leaders should know which areas of the applications need to be automated. A company often sets up parameters for an automation tool that will give them an automated workflow at less time and cost than if they were using their manual processes. This can help make their services more efficient and improve results while reducing costs.

Sun Technologies’ Intelligent Automation approach and benefits

Take Advantage of Sun Technologies’ Intelligent Automation use cases

Although different organizations are at various maturity levels in their QA capabilities, they can utilize IA to change the testing arena from identification of breaking functionalities to proactive prevention. This shift can help enhance the overall quality and minimize the cost of testing. In addition, companies can greatly benefit by improving the testing process and the software development life cycle:

QA is no longer a phase in delivery but vital for DevOps initiatives. Extensive utilization of intelligent automation can support fully automated delivery and continuous testing for improved speed and agility.

Sun Technologies’ Intelligent Automation services help organizations of all sizes mitigate risks, reduce human errors, streamline processes, and reduce operations costs. Our unique and value-driven automation strategy gives IT the required time and efficiency to get ahead of ever-changing business trends.


 Sun Technologies IA use-cases

  • Helping enterprises in prioritizing automation use cases to drive more impactful business results
  • IntelliSWAUT for accelerated automation and immediate defect prediction insights
  • Flexible so that customers can take advantage of our QA use-cases and help them customize their strategy based on their business requirements and market needs
  • Defect classification to reduce the time it takes to find the right developer to resolve a defect
  • Defect prediction to help identify the best ways to resolve defects.
  • Defect prevention and test optimization strategies to improve testing strategies and the quality of software being delivered

Overcome complex operational challenges and grow your Business using Sun Technologies’ AI-powered IA use cases.

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Ashlin Jenifa A L

Ashlin Jenifa A L

Ashlin is Detail-oriented Technology Writer with experience in authoring high-quality software documentation, white papers, case studies, templates, and user guides/manuals to clearly and efficiently explain highly complex systems and processes. Her skills include Content Planning, Digital Marketing, Web development, Website Management, Website Analytics, Relationship Management, Performance Tracking · Business Development · Strategic and innovative ideas, Team Leadership, Digital Media , Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Offpage, On-page, and Conversion Optimization.

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