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No-Code for Enterprise Application Development: 4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Choosing a No-Code Platform

When looking for Low-Code, No-Code platforms, there are lots of options available to choose from. Every platform promises or claims to be the best one for business. Hence, we require an expert’s consultation to zero-down on the right Lo-Code, No-Code strategy or codeless architecture to build enterprise-grade applications. By choosing the right No-Code platform, CTOs and CIOs will not only speed-up innovation but also save significantly on expensive and time-taking software development that neither guarantees a functional enterprise app or ROI.

According to a recent finding by Deloitte, enterprise IT budgets to the tune of almost 57% are dedicated for supporting current operations and maintaining their technical debt. These issues arise when the business expects new digital experiences and products to be rolled out faster while developers cannot straightaway rearchitect something new.

The answer lies in using codeless architectures to extend the older monolithic into modern digitally intuitive frontends. However, that is easier said than done if any new application has to be developed above existing infrastructure, data architecture, and legacy codes.  

What You Need to Know Before Beginning Codeless Application Development and Rapid Cloud Migration 

While you need experts who are well adept at Mainframe Modernization, Code Refactoring, Restful API implementation, and Testing Automation, it is also essential to accelerate enterprise application development.    

In this regard, embracing a code-less platform is considered as the best route to accelerate enterprise application development. It is seen as a driving force that can significantly boost Developer productivity and smoothen the rough ends involved in managing a typical Software Development Lifecycle.  

However, C-Level decision makers need to ask few pressing questions before on-boarding any app development expert or a codeless platform. 

C-Level offices need to know how codeless architectures and platforms expand legacy systems – Using APIs to integrate with modern frontend UI, Web3 products, mobile applications, and cloud computing. 

How Our Experts are Helping CIOs and CTOs to Mitigate Change Management and Data Security Challenges:

  • Our consultants and solution architects are identifying areas that are ripe for automation integration and application modernization
  • Based on our expert findings, our technical team can then chart a detailed roadmap for modernization
  • Our expert consultation evaluates the right toolset, Tech stack, and skillsets required on which your existing IT resources can be brought to speed
  • It is essential to gauge if the development lifecycle still requires the skills of programmers who can write and deploy hundreds of lines of codes in a Java, Python, etc.  What also needs to be understood better is the type of integrations and newer technologies the platform is capable of supporting 
  • For example, you would want to be certain that the apps built on the platform of your choice can run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft’s Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and/or any other provider  
  • You want to see of the private cloud offered by the platform is scalable and can be connected to your on-premises data centers as well as other popular cloud providers

With Sun Technologies, C-level leaders can unlock the profound benefits of a bundled package that consists of the following: Data Migration | Mainframe Modernization| Enterprise Application Development | Hyperautomation Using APIs | Testing-Automation-as-a-Service  

Hence, as a C-Level leader you can find every modernization benefit in one place – starting from skills and tools required to modernize legacy apps or build new features using our codeless architect

Discover what it takes to rapidly develop enterprise applications using Sun Technologies’ codeless architecture expertise.  

Find out how our experts are helping a top Federal Bank to easily integrate new technologies in-house without requiring extensive technical expertise.

How do No-Code Platforms Accelerate Cloud Migration?   

Knowledge of integrating cloud-native platforms and flexible codeless architectures can significantly reduce code maintenance and testing challenges.  

Cloud Migration

By using codeless architecture, our experts can quickly configure complex workflows and iterate with all the stake-holders in a time-bound manner to achieve product-market fit.  

A highly elastic architecture also brings the ability to scale automatically to meet traffic demands with zero downtime. 

We can help minimize microservices complexity by deploying reusable APIs that can be deployed on a variety of hosts such as Kubernetes, cloud, and on-premises. 

By using easy visually configured APIs, we can help design event-driven systems, we can build multi-team systems and request-driven interfaces. 

Enhance collaboration between different teams and departments by creating company-wide architectures and event-driven programming. 

Bring the ability to create self-service portals by connecting different services of an application in Kubernetes or in the cloud environment. 

How can No-Code Platforms Help Scale Mainframe Modernization? 

Our codeless expertise can help streamline data ingestion and legacy integrations by directly pulling data transformations or custom calculations. 

Our experts can help transfer protocols into REST, Webhooks, SOAP, SFTP Push/Pull, and S3 buckets from legacy web services such as SOAP, XML, etc. 

Transform legacy monolithic architecture into microservices that can be easily managed using an easily configurable ecosystem free from code. 

Our codeless frameworks and reusable microservices can completely eliminate the need to write or rewrite lines of code for connecting with relevant APIs. 

Easily customize scheduling of data exports based on select criteria, dynamic data output mapping, automatic data ingestion of physical or digital paper. 

Using our modular approach, you can pick and choose parts of your legacy systems to be rearchitected while the rest stays in the mainframe. 

Easily involve business users in the development and testing process as we enable rapid tests, re-tests, and release of stable and secure digital products. 

How to Extend Legacy Apps with Low-Code API Integrations? 

Use our codeless and intuitive UI building expertise to build and deploy APIs that enable data input and output without any writing any code.  

Using our code-free UI building expertise, you can effortlessly create simple data tables or integrate with third-party BI and SaaS tools for reporting. 

Completely eliminate the need to code for ensuring persistent data interactions between the frontend UI and backend legacy systems. 

Put an end to cumbersome coding required to enable accuracy while data is sent back and forth between internal and external systems. 

Safeguard data with an easily configurable rules engine and role-based access for nano-decisioning, team-level decisioning and collaborative decisioning. 

Automate the extraction and deployment of workflows, schemas, data, integration, and security roles with the help of Generative AI. 

Automatically convert all the extracted assets into Jason documents that are essential to converting legacy systems to cloud-native applications. 

How Can No-Code Platforms Ensure Compliance with Secured SDLC? 

Get a centralized view of your complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to track progress and impart required secured in every step. 

At each step involving, the planning, designing, building, testing, and deploying the app, our experts will help adopt a secure first approach. 

Meet all data confidentiality requirements with a fully encrypted (in rest and in transit) design architecture while building enterprise applications. 

Ensure all business logic, rules, and data are available in a live production as well as a non-production app dev environment.  

Get an expert team to manage code security using automated static code analysis (SAST) and security composition analysis (SCA).  

Leverage our expertise in maintaining data versioning and data lineage to trace errors back to the root through an efficient audit trail. 

Implement continuous security monitoring, incident management, and threat detection solutions by integrating third-party solutions.

How our codeless architecture expertise mitigates code maintenance challenges 

In conclusion, No-Code or codeless architecture that fulfills all the above parameters can massively bump-up the time-to-market. Once these parameters are satisfied, it can boost the IT team’s productivity by 300% as they would then spend lesser time in dealing with code level issues. Instead, they will then focus on delivering more product innovation made possible by faster feature releases using the right No-Code implementation experts. 

Our No-Code experts have scoured through the marketplace and found that an average popular low-code delivery platform can involve 50-100 lines of codes to be written for every release project. This means getting on board a skilled workforce who would still require more time to finally perform field-level validations and check the responsiveness of the application’s modernized UI. It would subsequently require even more skilled resources to perform a task that can be done three times faster using No-Code application development expertise. 

Book a No-Code Discovery Session with our Enterprise App Development experts to know – How we are helping highly regulated industries like Banking and Finance to rapidly build and deploy apps while maintaining the highest level of security.

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