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Make Web Applications work offline: Progressive Web Apps(PWA) for Better and Faster User Experience

Progressive Web Apps-Building Modern Web applications

Transforming a general website into a progressive web app is becoming a growing trend in the Web application space. New modern web API technologies are used to deliver an app-like experience to users on their browsers. Users can install your website on any device, get full-screen mode, get push notifications, and seamless browsing even when the internet connection is down.  The popularity of the PWAs is due to the simplicity of their development and the better user experience they provide than the native or mobile web app. Sun Technologies have worked with many enterprises to build their unique Progressive Web Apps and achieved massive successes. Progressive Web Apps(PWA) is becoming a de facto standard of developing modern web applications for mobile platforms. PWA is a web application that uses HTML, CSS, Angular, React, JavaScript/ASP.NET and runs in a web browser.

The Popularity of PWA Apps

The major market players such as Twitter, Trivago, Alibaba, and Walmart delivers the most remarkable PWAs. Sun Technologies, one of the industry leaders, has delivered Progressive Web Apps across various industries such as E-commerce, Facility management, Desk booking, and Logistics management. We focus on building the web and mobile app with the best strategy, design, user-friendly features and implementing Progressive Web Apps to enhance the user experience and customer satisfaction. Also, PWA is much efficient to engage the target audience on the site. Few more popular progressive web apps in the market are Pinterest, Telegram, Google Maps, Uber, Starbucks, Forbes, and Facebook.

Attributes of Progressive Web Apps

Better Navigation: Service workers are programmable web proxies between the internet and the user’s tab. They provide flexible and immediate loading irrespective of the network connection. These apps copy the navigation and interactions of native apps and reduce load times.

Connectivity Independence: Service workers allow offline access. They are Java scripts that can respond appropriately to network requests, connectivity changes, and push notifications.

Responsive and Progressive: PWAs support most modern browsers with advanced capabilities. The responsiveness of PWAs makes them fit and provides a better display on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Works Offline: The service worker enables caching an application shell (interface), leading to immediate site loading on repeated visits. The actual content is refreshed every time the connection is up. These methodologies offer better app performance and enhanced user experience.

Safety: PWA applications uses HTTPS protocol to secure data in transit.

Easy Installation: Many browsers enable and promote the installation of Progressive Web App, which makes users install PWA on their desktop or tablet, or mobile device. Users can share these apps using an URL. PWA consumes a tiny portion of the phone’s memory. 

Ability to Use Native Features: PWA relies on WEB APIs to access hardware features like geolocation, device orientation, full access to camera and microphone, vibration, and augmented reality.

How Sun Technologies can help you to build a progressive web App?

PWA technology has been widely applied across various industries, from media, entertainment, travel to social networks and e-commerce. The exciting fact about PWAs is they support every browser and run on any device, thus improving the web’s core capabilities today while going for a more progressive and innovative approach.

Sun Technologies’ experts can help you transform your eCommerce website to a modern progressive web app. Our experienced developers create the proper infrastructure for sites to leverage all the features offered by PWAs. We have implemented PWA in many web applications, which provides an extensible mechanism to enable many platform features, like push notifications, improved speed, enhanced app utility, the richness of offline experience, and background synchronization. Our expertly deployed solution allows the browsers to automatically add home screen experiences that make PWAs look and behave like native applications making our application fast, reliable, secure, engaging, and integrated.

Below are the Principles We Follow to Enhance the Performance of PWA Apps

  • Our exceptional development methodology delivers robust engagement models at an affordable cost
  • Our PWA developers use service workers to enhance user experience and better navigation
  • Along with progressive improvements, we offer features similar to the native -app 
  • We managed complex projects with PWA webpack features
  • We help you develop a proper website that ultimately boosts your business
  • With PWA, we offer continuous deployments to deliver new features 
  • We analyze every PWA requirement and ensure that we have fulfilled every PWA requirement


The requirements for progressive web apps are growing every day. Progressive Web Apps are not only a need today; with their offline efficiencies and capabilities, enterprises can develop one code base to target both desktop and mobile devices, making it more engaging. Sun Technologies PWA developers offer you a web-mobile class experience that is quick, robust, and consistent. Hence our web applications help you achieve the advanced phases of mobile and web and set a progressive, future-proof solution to your requirements. Our skillfully implemented Progressive Web Apps offer you the required enhancement in the business with a considerable decrement in bounce rates and a rise in conversions.


Anjaneya Eshwarappa

Solutions Architect

Anjaneya has been working with Sun Technologies as a Solutions Architect. He carries 13+ Years of IT experience working with Java/J2EE, Portal framework, Cloud technology, and Web technologies. His expertise lies in Web Application solutions, Data Security, Cyber Security, and Cloud computing.

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